Drunk!Donnie x Reader lemon

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   It was like any quiet day in the lair, the guys had gone out for patrol and you were alone; just sitting on the couch and reading a book. But the peaceful silence was soon ruined by a sudden crashing sound coming from Donatello's lab, causing you to jump. 'What in the-?' Putting your book down, you hopped up, running to Donnie's lab and pulled the door open, to reveal a purple clad turtle on the floor, shattered pieces of glass near him. "Donnie?!" You ran over to him, helping him up, concern lining your face as he groaned. "Are you okay?! What're you still doing here?! I thought you went with the others on patrol!" You shouted, as he lazily turned his head toward you. "Yeah.. I'm.. better.... now that you're here..." He slurred, a slight smirk on his lips, causing you to blush. "Donnie... what have you been doing?" Donnie gave a small hiccup, stumbling slightly as he tried to walk off. You crossed your arms, waiting for a response, but got none. 'Rude much...' You thought, rolling your eyes.

Another crash.

"Oh for God's sake Donnie!" You ran over to the fallen turtle again, helping him up. "Babe, are you a parking ticket? Cause... you got fine written all over you..." Donnie slurred, making your cheeks heat up. But Donnie didn't stop there. "Are you light switch? Cause anytime I see you, I become turned on." Rolling your eyes, you opened your mouth to say something, but were cut off by Donnie slamming you against the wall, a smirk on his lips. "D-Donnie?!" He only chuckled. "Don't say my name just yet..." he purred, as he lifted your shirt a little, exposing a bit of your belly. A blush spread on your cheeks, as you tried to shove his hands away, only to have him pin them against the wall. "Nah ah ah Y/N..." He said in a patronizing tone, a smirk still on his lips.

"D-Donnie, come on.... snap out of it! We can't do this!" You protested, just as his lips were about to latch themselves onto yours. "Aw, come on babe... it'll be for just an hour... or... if you want...." He chuckled. "We could make it two~." "Donnie, I'm serious!" "And so am I..." Donne said in a low, seductive voice before pressing his lips onto yours roughly. Giving a silent sigh, you gave in. Not like you'd be able to fight back anyway... Donnie smirked, feeling you kiss back, and licked your bottom lip, asking for permission, which you denied him as a way of teasing; which he did not approve of. And he told you this by giving a low growl, and slid his hand up your shirt; grasping one of your breasts roughly, causing you to gasp. Taking advantage of this, Donnie quickly slid his tongue in, which resulted in a tongue wrestling match for dominance, with Donnie ending up as the winner. Donnie's tongue poked around your wet cavern, not leaving a nook nor cranny unexplored. Soon, he pulled away, leaving a string of saliva connected to your lips, which you gladly licked up.

The purple clad turtle gave a small smirk, as he lifted your shirt all the way up, catching a glimpse of your purple silk bra that was concealed underneath a tight fitting shirt that hugged your curves. Not able to take it any longer, Donnie tore your shirt off, and fumbled with the clasp of your bra. "Stupid bra.. why do you women need 'em anyway?" He grumbled, as he continued to fumble with the clasp, causing you to giggle. Soon, however, he was successful in getting the clasp off and tossed your bra into some unknown corner of the room, and immediately he attacked your exposed breasts, kissing and sucking on one breast, while his hand played with the other, causing you to moan. "D-Donnie~." Donnie smirked more, and soon bit down on your nipple gently, causing you to gasp and draw in a breath, shuddering slightly. Donnie soon reached down, and unbuttoned your jeans, yanking them down, along with your damp panties, which he snickered at. "Are we wet already?" He teased, once he took a small, brief glance at the damp piece of clothing. You didn't answer, only whimper. You had enough with the games. You wanted the REAL fun to begin...

"Don't worry Y/N... I'll make you cry out my name soon... but first..." You gave a small gasp as you felt Donnie's finger enter you without any warning; but you soon moaned, feeling his finger pump in and out quickly. "D-Donnie..." "Shhh Y/N... we're not there yet..." He smirked, as he slowly lowered you to the floor, his finger still pumping in and out of you at a fast pace. You moaned, but then whined as you felt Donnie remove his finger. Smirking down at you, Donnie leaned down and whispered: "In just a few moments... you'll see how good I am with my OTHER staff.." This caused a mad blush to spread across your cheeks like a wild fire, which made Donnie chuckle upon noticing this. Opening your legs, Donnie looked at you. "You ready?" He asked, and you nodded quickly. "J-Just take me Donatello!" You almost shouted, and Donnie gave a short laugh. "Alright, but let me know if I'm hurting you..." You gave a slow nod, and bit your lip as Donnie slowly penetrated your virgin walls. Pain instantly filled your entire body, and you couldn't stop the tears that sprung to your eyes. At this, Donnie paused, looking at you. "A-am I hurting you?" He asked, voice slightly cracking. You shook your head, no; and Donnie took this as a signal to start pumping in and out slowly. The pain you once felt was soon replaced with pleasure, and you gave a small moan. "Can I go faster?" you heard Donnie's voice asked. Moaning once more, you looked up at him. "Oh God yes!" Donnie then began to gradually pick up speed, until he was thrusting as fast as he could go, causing you to moan louder.

"M-My name... say my name!" Donnie shouted. "D-Donnie!" You moaned, but this didn't satisfy him. "Louder!" "D-Donnie!" You yelled a bit louder. But this still didn't satisfy him. "SCREAM IT!" He commanded. "DONATELLO!" You screamed at the top of your lungs, causing Donnie to smirk. "Again!" He yelled. "DONNIE!" You screamed, your voice starting to already feel raw. Donnie gave a loud moan, and a moan escaped your lips a few moments afterwards. You could feel yourself coming close to your release, and Donnie could feel himself reaching his end too. Giving one final thrust, Donnie pulled out, just as a white, sticky substance coated your stomach, and fell onto the floor. Both you and Donnie were panting, and the purple clad turtle collapsed onto the floor next to you, pulling you close to him in a tight embrace. "I love you... Y/N.." He whispered in your ear, kissing your hair. You couldn't but smile.

"I love you too... Donnie..."  

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