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Please do take note that we also need guys here and not only girls. Each user could also apply multiple times but only up to three times. Forms submitted thru pm will be ignored. REMEMBER: NO MARY SUES!

Full Name: (Can be in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English only)
Stage Name: (Don't just use your full name, be creative)
Korean Age: (15-27 for trainees. 16 and above if you want to be debuted. Also, make sure to match your age with your birthdate.)
Nationality: (Korean, American, Japanese, etc)
Ethnicity: (Asian, Australian, etc)

Face Claim + Back-up Face Claim:
Personality: (5-10 in bullet form)
Background: (5-10 in bullet form)
Family: (name|relationship|age|occupation)
Likes: (5-10 in bullet form)
Dislikes: (5-10 in bullet form)
Talent twin: (inspiration, not literally your twin)

Group or solo?
Message to the CEOs:
Message to the trainees:
Reason why you applied here:
Audition songs: (vocal/dance/rap. Choose ONLY TWO. If you have picked more than two then I shall choose the first two.)

Password: (The password is your Line ID)

Tag 3 more people who would be interested:

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