And I Think I Liked It

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I smacked my hand against the kitchen table, a cloud of dust baptizing the air with it's horrible solution was the outcome. In an attempt to catch Chaz and Ryan's attention, I simply pounded on the table in hopes they'd answer the questions I so dyingly needed to be answered. That planned back fired as they went right back to bickering at each other about what Parvati liked more, homemade cookies or store bought. 

“Oh god, why do I even bother?” I mumbled under my breath, sweeping away into the living room where Parvati sat mesmerized by the flat screen T.V. A bag of chips clung to her side as her hand kept diving into it's plastic wrapping for the heavenly goodness that was lightly salted chips.

“What are you watching?” I asked, peeking over at the T.V. 

She crinkled her nose, a garden of freckles deforming at the unnatural tightening of her skin. Her face made over five wrinkles while she made a sloppy pursuit at keeping me quiet with her index finger to her lips.

This gave me time to skim over her clothing attire for the day. Her brown lengthy mane was pulled into a tight, messy up do. A pair of gray wash track pants slouched on her exposing waist while a white v-neck covered her toned stomach, unsuccessfully though, not entirely. A strip of sun kissed skin was evident just above her track pants and my eyes stay fixated on that very spot before I heard the clicking of her fingers together.

“Hm?” I murmured, lingering towards her hazy fingers that snapped vigorously.

“W-what are you staring at?” She stammered, a look of worry enveloping her pupils. 

Her face was flushed and she had changed positions so I was no longer able to see her chest cavity or her stomach. I smiled a monstrous grin at the un confident aura she portrayed. I smoothly sauntered closer to her, dropping onto the couch next to her.

“Obviously I was staring at a beautiful girl. What else would I be staring at?”

I had never seen a blush so wide. Her face had now been covered with a shield of red that reached the highest peek of her bone structure. 

“You're really cute when you blush.” I half whispered the compliment but I knew very well that she heard it, mainly because the red deepened in color.

“I-i'm watching America's Next Top Model.”

I chuckled as a response. Typical Parvati, avoiding my flirtatious advances instead of replying. Of course, she answered my beginning question, the question I least needed answered.

“It's day four,” I announced confidently. 

“Yeah, it's only day four. You're not even close to day thirty, pal.” She said sternly, throwing her arms across her chest. It astonished me that she could switch from shy to feisty in a matter of minutes.

“I'll get there, you just wait.” I tempted, patting her outstretched leg. Parvati quickly jerked her limb away, a rushing river of red crossing her face once again.

“Why do you always blush around me?” I questioned, studying her flawless complexion that was now engulfed with a red confinement. 


Maybe it's because your touch sends shivers up my spine, I thought. Or maybe it's because you're the hottest thing next to a volcano, I reworded in a teenage spectrum. 

I shook my head, releasing those thoughts to ponder elsewhere. I would not allow Justin Drew Bieber to control my body, nor my blushing defect. 

Changing the subject seemed like the only option, and so I took that option with open arms. 

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