Lying Through Her Teeth

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The cold water from the shower head beat down on my body, a chill running down my spine from the contact and confinement of the cool temperature of the currents.

I shower in freezing cold water for reasons unknown, for reasons to never be discovered. So when the water suddenly turned from the elusive cool feel to a burning hot sensation, I did not hold in my petrified scream that echoed through the hotel bathroom. 

“Chaz..Ryan!” I bellowed, automatically assuming it was either the one of the two.

My hand clutched a towel that I wrapped around myself, fiery building up in my eyes as I stomped into the kitchen to find Justin leaning against the sink, twisting the knob to the right to turn off the water that affected my shower.

“What are you doing? I was showering!”

His amused grin crookedly widened into a toothy smirk while his simper lips parted effortlessly, “Get dressed.”

My hands bawled in fists, making the towel move slightly, taunting me to hold onto it unless I wanted to streak the ambitious man before me. My face flushed a deep red when I noticed the only thing that covered my body was a simple white hotel towel.

Justin's seemed to notice my discomfort as his eyes scanned my attire, a genuine gitty expression replacing his amusement. I watched his bare feet trot against the kitchen's cold marble and soon his feet were a few inches from my soaked feet that had sprinkles of water racing each other. 

His hands laced around my hips while as my hands held onto the towel with dear life. His face snuggled into the crook of my neck, kissing it softly like a tease. I felt my heart quicken, my cheeks burning like the top of a stove, my body melting under his interior touch. 

“Get dressed,” he whispered into my shoulder.

“W-why,” I stuttered out as his body was still closely knitted to mine.

“Surprise,” his raspy tone called out that sounded sexier than I would of thought a few months ago.

I wasn't paying attention until I felt his warm fingers play with the top of the towel, his eyes held a lustful bundle of joy while he playfully ran his thumb across the fuzzy material that was daringly close to my breasts.

“Parvati, get dressed.” He choked out, making me wonder if I had the same affect on him as he did too me. With not much confidence in myself, I doubted that very statement.

His hand that was holding mine had a warm feel to it. I, being a girl that over analyzes things, noticed his hand was not too tightly wrapped around mine but it was in fact a very light hold - something that I liked better then hardcore hand holding. This made me wonder if he truly did know me better than I knew myself, but knowing him for not even a week, I knew this couldn't be true. How could he guess my very personality with so much confidence? Well, I was going to find out in the next thirty days. 

It was nighttime, the sky over top of us was portraying a painted canvas of stars that seemed brighter than usual. I hadn't looked at our surroundings very much, because the thought of another surprise made me shake with happiness. Truthfully, I've been loving the first two days of this so called relationship that to me, was nothing but a bet, and too think I was going to make him regret it? 

Our feet soon dug into the warm feel of Bahama sand that confined your feet in a loving embrace. But what I saw next overlapped sand by a long shot. A large boat was docked, little lights twinkling from the top of it. 

“This is.. is for us?” I squeaked out, this whole thirty day boyfriend thing becoming very real. 

He nodded, his eyes twinkling with delight just like the beam of light that rushed out of the lights on the boat. 

When I felt his hands grab my waist and then pick me up bridal style, I had no words to utter because frankly I was in complete shock. He climbed on into the boat, resting me down on the cushioned area that was centered in the front of the boat.

My eyes must of been bulging out of my head because Justin had to wave his hand in front of my gaze over three times before I came back to reality.

“Like it?”

I liked it. All too much. I loved boats, I loved water, and somehow he found that out.

“How did you know I like boats?” I said, looking into his russet orbs.

“I know you better than yourself,” he replied while scooting closer.

“So, you've made a few good guesses, but I highly doubt you know me better than I know myself,” I scooted away from him.

“You'd be surprised. I'm good at reading people, Parvati Hope.”

He scooted closer to me so that our legs touched. I wondered if he felt the same heat in his cheeks at the touch of our skin, but I doubted it when I saw that he was smiling wildly at my crimson expression.

“You're shy around boys,” he stated.

“You're outgoing around girls,” I retorted.

“You think I can't give you the best thirty days of your life,”

“And I'm right,”

I, Parvati Hope Jones, had just lied through her teeth. Because frankly, for the past two days, he has given me the best few days of my life. Something about teen pop sensation, Justin Bieber, made me bubble up with anger. But, he was right. Everything he had said about me was right. And that, that was why I would bubble up with anger.

That night we ate dinner on the boat, occasionally having a good time. Note that I put occasionally due to the fact Justin and I both intend we are always right. Justin, being the male he is, didn't exactly know what a romantic dinner inquires, but I still thought it was a pretty good night.

Day three, he brought me onto a boat and we had dinner under the stars. I love boats and romantic dinners.

Justin's POV:

I never was the one to study things, study people, or study anything for that matter. But Parvati was different, and so she was treated differently. I studied that girl none stop, processing her every like and dislike. I asked Ryan and Chaz every question I needed to pass this test, this bet that I had forged up with her. 

But secretly, I wanted her to fall head over heels with me. I wanted her to beg me to stay with her one night. I wanted her to want me.

And that, that was not something I didn't mention in the bet.

I rented a boat for this surprise because when I heard Ryan say that Parvati used to love going on boat rides in the summer of tenth grade, I knew that'd be the perfect next surprise. So, I took the liberty of setting up a romantic dinner under the stars.

And with that, day three of thirty was a success of not only winning the bet, but winning her heart.

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