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Remember to stop and watch / listen to the song before continuing - the songs are part of the story.

Remember to stop and watch / listen to the song before continuing - the songs are part of the story

Perrie walked out of the bathroom. She tried so hard to keep her face and posture as relaxed and sexy as she could - but she felt herself tense up as soon as her eyes fell on Blaine.

'Wow,' he told her as she strolled in with a cheeky wink. 'But why have you put more clothes on and not taken more clothes off?'

Perrie tried to laugh it off but it came off a little false. 'I'm sorry to break it to you but that was my mam on the phone and she's on her way home. We're gonna have to break this up.'

Blaine punched the pillow. It scared Perrie for a moment, but then he looked up and smiled at her. 'As long as we're not breaking up, I don't care if we don't get to do this tonight.'

A sigh of relief escaped Perrie's mouth before she had a chance to stop it. Worried that he noticed, she ran over to him. 'Definitely not! I hate that you'll have to leave now, but you'll see me tomorrow at school.'

'Fancy a spot of breakfast before school?' Blaine asked.

Perrie couldn't say no. 'Yeah, sure, that sounds fab.' They kissed, and it lasted longer than Perrie wanted it to. She pulled away and noticed his confused expression, so she went in for a couple more pecks before finally pulling away. 'Okay, get your sexy arse out of my bed and get some clothes on.'

Blaine did as she said, and he confessed that her sense of authority turned him on. Perrie played along before shooing him down the stairs and out of the house. She made sure he was completely gone from sight before she shot back up the stairs and launched at her phone.

She had no idea what the girls were doing so she didn't want to call them and interrupt whatever plans they had - but she worried that if Blaine played a part in Eliza's beating, then maybe Hughie, Kyle and even Gary could have also been involved.

A group message would have to do.

A group message would have to do

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