#2. Just Lost Control

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Chapter #2: Just Lost Control


~I guess I'll just throw my thoughts away
Maybe pick them up another day
And I just lost control
I just needed you to know
When in front of you
I feel invincible
I want to write a song that makes you smile
One that keeps you around for a while
I wish for small things like losing this feeling
I've seen this coming, I've seen you leaving
I know I've said and done some things
That've made you feel a little empty
I've got a whole lot to learn
Every bridge I see, I seem to burn, so
Sick of saying sorry when I'm not
When in front of you
I feel invincible, invincible~

"Leo!" I groaned lazily. "Keep the fires under control, man! I was trying to sleep..."

The curly haired boy in front of me grimaced and shuffled on his feet anxiously and guiltily, while smoke plumed up from one of the camp cabins on the other side of the hill. Somehow Leo ended up here after the minor explosion and I just had to follow the trail of ash and charred grass to find him.

"Sorry, Perce..." He said sheepishly. "At least it wasn't your cabin, eh? Heheh..."

I rolled my eyes at the comedian and began walking away. I was still in my blue plaid pyjama pants, shirtless, after all. I ran my fingers through my knotted shaggy black hair. Man, I need a haircut... I guess you don't really think about those kind of things while saving the world. Again. From an army of giants. And Earth itself. But y'know, it's still nice to look the part of a superhero, too. I yawned sleepily. I need sleep... A nice soft bed and thick navy cotton blankets... A dark cosy room and peaceful silence, the only noise being the whooshing from my water fountain... A heavenly feather light pillow... A dreamless night... I desperately needed a good night's sleep-

"Hey, handsome!"

I turned my head around slowly and saw a blond head of hair come bobbing up to me. A nervous yet happy smile was plastered on the girl's face and her eyes were as bright a grey as rain clouds. Once close enough to me, she stood on her tiptoes and hugged the living daylights out of me. I was gonna return the gesture, but she quickly pulled away and placed a small kiss on my lips. She grinned at me and I smiled back halfheartedly, still thinking about sleep. Then I realised I was still half naked...

I cleared my throat. "What's up, Smarty Pants?"

Annabeth chuckled and shook her head. "Did you hear what happened with Leo? Or..."

"Yeah, I just spoke with His Charred Highness. He blew something up, then I find him practically halfway to the strawberry fields! I guess he finally got his wish of shooting himself across camp..."

The daughter of Athena laughed. I smiled at her, but she returned an uneasy expression. I sent her a confused look and raised an eyebrow. Was I missing something...?

"Um, well... You know what he blew up, right?" She asked while twiddling her thumbs.

I yawned and then groaned. Ugh, I really didn't care what Valdez managed to destroy this time (Grace can handle this one), I just wanted to return to my beloved bed! Not that I didn't love chatting with Annabeth, I just hadn't slept well at all lately. Most demigods get weird dreams, it's just how it is, but c'mon... I bet I looked like a sack of wrinkled potatoes with sagging purple bags under my eyes! Like the Furies! And those hags are just... Ugh. I'd say no offence, but I think they'd try to rip me to pieces and feed my bones to the hellhounds in the Underworld any chance they'd get.

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