Making It Up To Friends (8 Part I)

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Lets get one thing straight right now. There was no way in hell did I ever want to end up here. Here being locked up in the school in the middle of the night with one of the people I hated most in the world, the next most hated-this not including Him-, and then my cute but very irritated Noah.

“See Stone! Had I let you just waltz right in here with these two idiots you would be in so much trouble,” Shana snapped.

“Oh like we aren’t all fucking ready.” I said back sarcastically.

“Like you should talk! If you and your little friend here didn’t drag Stone into this we would still be on our date not trapped here waiting to get caught and arrested for breaking and entering!”

“Shana it’s not their fault-”

She shook her flawless hair. “No you’re right. It’s your fault for coming to help them find their freaking book and it’s my fault for letting you come and help them!”

Let me explain.


I had just finished walking home when my phone went off.

Opening the screen door I dropped my bag to the ground and let it shut behind me before pulling out my phone. It’s not crazy old it was a slide and thermal touch phone.

Looking at the sender I saw it was Noah.

Sorry about earlier today, it’s just I want to help you as much as you help me and you do every single day. I want to make it up to you will you let me? -N

I sighed and closed the front door before kicking my bag into the couch side.

Staring at the text I debated on what I wanted to do. Really I wanted to stay at home because it would make less a chance of anything happening with Him if I was caught with Noah, but there was a part of me that wanted to give this to him because I did feel bad and he was my friend.

Realizing that I wasn’t going to hang around downstairs I picked my bag back up and went hopping upstairs by twos to my bedroom. Greated with my door I opened it and tossed my bag into my bed and threw myself on it.

Staring at my stars I found myself fumbling with my black bracelet. The bracelet was four lengths of thin leather that tightened with two strings that had small wooden square beads on the ends of them. Attached to the front of the bracelet was a smooth thin stone with the engraving of a leafless tree.

It was a gift from my father to when I was little saying that trees can grow and they never have to stop. They have connections to everywhere and anywhere.

Now that I look back on that I think he was trying to explain to me that I could have all the friends in the world. Some popular, some of the ’nerdy’, some of the social butterflies.

In that moment I knew that I had to give Noah a chance to ‘prove himself’ as a friend when he was already all I really needed.

Grabbing my phone I texted back: What did you have in mind? -R

Before I even sat my phone back down it was vibrating with an answer.

I’ll come by and pick you up and we’ll head down to see a movie and it’s ALL on me. -N

As much as I didn’t want to be a charity case I knew he wouldn’t let me.

Alright… -R

Be there in ten dress cute! -N

Dress cute? I asked myself.

Reluctantly pushing myself up I went to the bathroom and checked on my appearance. My black eye was more visible then I was comfortable with so I quickly retrieved my foundation trying my best to use it to cover up the dark bruise.

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