I have worked super hard on the bond series. Some books are still in the works. I usually will only have 2-3 books going at a time. Please do no inbox me to publish the others when there are 2-3 you can read. I understand that you want more and I love that you do, but I already have a bunch of books to update, so doing that is nerve wracking.

Commenting 'update' on any ongoing books only makes me want to not update. I feel pressured to update and then it = a crappy chapter no one likes. I like to have time to sit down and create a chapter everyone would love.

This book is COMPLETED. It is under editing and you can still read it and nothing will confused you etc. It mainly grammar correcting etc.

This book is not to be copied, replicated, or used in any other plagiaristic way in any shape or form. I do not allow people to take this book and translate it, so please don't ask. This is the only account the royal bond should be on (therealkh). If I find out that this story was copied/replicated in any way I will report you. This is punishable by law!

I do not take any negative comments so please keep them to yourself! Im not afraid to mute or block readers. If you do not like my book or characters it's simple to just delete the book from your library, so don't be that person who pulls those type things. I don't want your negative comments is the point.

No, I have not read the selection series haha. I literally was searching something I could describe for a system (popularity wise) and a caste system popped up and I chose it because tbh it sounded good for the book hahah. So no, I haven't read it and I guess the books are similar because of the caste system? I didn't even know about it until someone had commented on one chapter and I felt bad because I don't want anyone thinking I'm copying, I hate copiers. So I felt I should make this clear. To the many people telling me to read it, I will try to when Im not as busy!

Much love.

This book is the first to many others. Below is the trailer for the first four books :) Just a slight preview.

Series in order:

1. The Royal Bond (This book will make you want to be their couple goals)

2. The War Bond (Octavia will make you laugh, Mason will make you want a Mason for yourself.)

3. The Power Bond (Characters here will make you laugh your head off)

4. The Intelligence Bond (This story is a little darker with a STRONG female lead. It's a dark but romantic story)

5. The Immaculateness Bond (This story line is a mysterious one, that's for sure. It will make you crazy)

6. The Malevolent Bond (This story line will make you insane. Maybe that's a little too dramatic, but it is a dark story and will be quite... malevolent (; )

7. The Rampant Bond (This story will be quite different..)

8. The Queen's Bond- Wrap up of series with TWO major and POWERFUL people ;) Gotta read all books to understand this one.


The McKinley Crew

I hope you love this series just as much as I do.

Ps, this book is just an opener into the series. This couple featured in this story is well liked but some do say other couples in the series are their favorite. This book is semi-short compared to the others because it is only an opener. Still some important stuff to learn, but please keep that in mind.

 Still some important stuff to learn, but please keep that in mind

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