My...Stepbrother? {30}

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                “I’m sexy and I know it!” I sang as I ate some Doritos in the kitchen.

                “No dear, you’re gay and you blow it,” mom corrected.

                I pouted deeply. “That’s what you think!” I cried and smirked triumphantly. Ha! She thought I would actually get on my knees and suck Tr-

                Oh wait…

                “Shut up,” I grumbled and she shook her head.

                “Only my boy,” she grumbled as she cut the crust off my sandwich and handed it to me. What? A 17 year old boy couldn’t have his mommy make him a sandwich with no crust every once in a while?

                I bit into the sandwich and peanut butter instantly stuck in my mouth. I set my sandwich down before waving my arms at my mom wildly and gesturing to my mouth.

                “Oh Kory. You have legs,” she said with a sigh as she poured me milk and handed it to me. I drank it thirstily and smiled. “Aw! Thank you mommy!” I cheered and jumped up to hug her.

                She stepped back and raised an eyebrow. “Nope. No hugs for Kory,” she said. I dropped to my knees and shook my fists at the ceiling.

                “NOOOOO! WHY CRUEL WORLD? WHY?” I shrieked.

                “Get up,” she said and held her arm out. I let out a victory screech as I launched into her arms and hugged her tightly. Mom laughed and hugged me back.

                “Mom, thanks for being so accepting of me and Trace. Are for not getting mad that we…uh…yea,” I said and blushed a little. “I know you go to church and everything, so you probably think I’m a sinner. But you’ve never been all ‘Rawr Kory you’re going to burn in hell rawr!’ to me.”

                Mom laughed and kissed my forehead. “Kory, I hate when people use religion to justify homophobia. They can say that you and Trace can’t get married because you’re gay. But then they have to keep in mind that they have to follow the whole bible, not parts of it. That means women who marry after the loss of their virginity? Stone them bitches to death!”

                I chuckled. “Yea, I guess that’s true,” I said with a shrug. I wasn’t a religious person.

                My thoughts suddenly went to my father, something they rarely did. I wasn’t really one to dwell to heavily on the past, and my dad had been dead for 11 years.

                But I found myself thinking of how badly he’d beat me for being gay. He had been a homophobe, I remembered that.

                When I was five years old, he had taken me on a drive with him. There had been two guys kissing, and I had watched. He had hit me so hard that he knocked out one of my teeth and nearly broke my nose. Then he had shrieked and ranted about how gross gays were and how I was a disgusting fuck for watching.

                And here I stood today, having lost my virginity to my stepbrother, a proud as fuck gay. Yea dad! Lesson well learned!

                I laughed a little at my thoughts and my mom gave me a curious look. I shook my head, waving my hand in dismissal. I didn’t want to bring up my dad around my mom. She was ashamed she had ever let him hit me like he had.

                “When are Trace and Brandon getting home?” I asked, eager for my surprise.

                Mom shrugged. “I don’t know Kory Monkey. Finish your sandwich,” she said and went about fixing up a sandwich for herself.

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