Chapter 8⃣- Project pt. 4⃣

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Lisa's POV

As we arrived at the our house, We were greeted by my squad as Sang-mi immediately ran to hug Taetae oppa.

I chuckled at their cuteness. I also saw Sam heading to Jungkook. They're already friends, I guess.

I walked to them then called Sam.

"Yes Noona? Waeyo?" Sam asked.

"Young man, did you forgot that you have to change first before you do the things you'll do?" I said then raised an eyebrow.

"Oh..... Yeah I forgot, gotta go Kook hyung" He said then started walking upstairs.

I smiled at Jungkook as he just rolled his eyes....... I was hurt.... But I don't know why though. I shrug then walked to Taetae oppa and Sang-mi.

"Sang-mi, you need to change" I said then hold her hand.

"Okay unnie, Bye Taetae oppa" She said then waved her hands to Taetae oppa...


Sang-mi's room:

I picked out  a dress that she has to wear. I let her wear dresses because she wants to be treated like a princess.

"Unnie" She called me.

"Yes?" I said then looked at her while raising an eyebrow.

"Can I skip dinner? I wanna sleep already and besides I'm already full" She asked me permission

"Aish! You should have told me already, Aigoo........ Come on, let's change you into your pajamas" I said then took her cute pajama.

She wore it and climbed up to her bed then slept.

I took her blanket then covered her with it. I turned off her lamp on the nightstand then left her on her room.


Back to downstairs:

I saw them all on the couch chilling with their hands on their tummies.

I chuckled. They're hungry.

I cooked many foods then placed them on the dining table.

I walked to the couch then called them.

"Guys dinner is ready" I announced as they stood up then sigh in relief.

We each took a seat then took plates then picked whatever food we want.

"Lalice, where's Sang-mi?" Taehyung asked me.

"She skipped dinner, she wanted to sleep and she's already full" I explained.

"That explains everything" He said.

"Yeah" I said. We continued eating


We're now done eating. In the end, all of us are cleaning up the table together.

Sam went to his room to sleep. Luckily, he doesn't have any assignment

We washed the dishes then sat on the couch lazily.

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