Ace's P.O.V. 21

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"Did you decide?"


"Why, Kade? You've been thinking for a month now." He looks down like a kid who just got told off.

"What if I say yes, and everything goes down hills?"

"What if you say yes, and everything goes great?"

"Give me a second" He holds his finger up, pulls out his phone and calls someone walking into his room leaving me alone in the living room. He takes around 10 minutes and comes back.

"Fine, yes, I'll move in with you." I walk up to him and hug him tight.

"No, do you want to?"

"Yes, baby. I just needed reassurance." I pull him closer to me and peck him.

"Great, are you taking all of these things with you or are you donating some of it?" He thinks about it for a few seconds before talking.

"I'll donate half of the things. Furniture, and all that. When do you want to start moving things?" He asks looking around his apartment.

"Tomorrow. By the weekend this place will be clean and all your things will be home. When are you telling Ben and his family?" I ask as we cuddle up together in the sofa.

"I had told him when you suggested it. And I was just talking to him and Adri."

"If Mason knows you confine to Adri and not him, he is going to be super jealous."

"She's great. She really makes me wish I did have a sister growing up. Plus, it's not like I'm cheating. I have a woman as my wing-woman and he has you as his wingman. I should be the one that's jealous with you being gay and I'm pretty sure he's bi-curious." he says jokingly as he chuckles.

"Mason? Bi-curious?" I start laughing. That's definitely new.

"What? It's true." he says and shrugs.

"Mason is not bi-curious. He's just comfortable enough to put himself out there without questioning his sexuality."

"Yeah, I know. It's great he is, not many people are like him."

"What are we having tonight?" Kade asks changing the topic before I can reply.

"I'm feeling Indian?" Kade answer before I could. What is it with him always doing this?

"No tacos? Quesadillas?"


"What? I can't help it you ate that half week last week and the other half quesadillas. Kade, baby, you're obsessed."

"Liar." I squint at him.

"Fine, it's true." He grumbles out.

"Have you heard of Lucas?"

"No, and I'm glad." That's great. That's the last thing I want Kade to worry about. That's one of the reasons why I got a permit to carry a handgun, which I haven't told Kade about. I carry it on my belt. I have no idea how Kade has not felt it when he's becomes so affectionate towards me since we've become a couple and had sex.

Lucas is also half the reason why I want Kade to move in with me. Lucas; he doesn't know where I live. He knows where Kade currently lives and nothing will stop him from coming back and trying to hurt the guy he's hurt for so long, again. Kade doesn't deserve that; he deserves the world.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing. Go take a shower while I order food and I'll join you after?"

"Sure. Don't take long" He kisses me and gets up and runs off like a kid who's about to get a present. 

This chapter is crap, honestly. Anyways, I think this is the shortest chapter I've written for this story with 540 words, only 2 pages on my side.

Anywho, let me know what you think? How do you think living together will be? You're thoughts on Ace keeping the handgun to himself instead of sharing it with Kade? Just let me know anything regarding this chapter, previous chapter, or future chapters. What do you think will happen next? 

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