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•the confession•

time skip five months

The past five months were uneventful Finn-wise, cause that's really how I remembered the important stuff. (sorry not sorry oops) The occasional snapchat from my story. We lost our streak a few times but I think we'll hit one hundred by July which is good. We were back on track to being friends and I was more than glad.

I had heard rumors that Finn was going to ask me to the 8th grade formal, but then Maddie drama happened and I ended up going with my friend and I had a great time.

Anyway, it was June by now, graduation day actually. (well "promotion" as our principal called it) It was hard to believe we had gone through nine years of school already and in just a few short hours, we'd be high school freshmen.

Today was the last day and after the final bell rang, it was hard to comprehend that I wouldn't be returning to this school come September.

I later sat at home on my bed scrolling through my Instagram feed and mulling over thoughts of graduation, the events of the last day, and of course Finn. I knew I had to stop thinking about him because as I learned at the beginning of the year, he didn't like me back. My head accepted it, but I'm not sure my heart did. I had this thought a few weeks ago and I finally decided to give it a go.

I opened up notes in my phone and began to type.

Once I had finished, I gave it a quick read through. This had to be perfect. What had I written you ask? Well, I decided it was finally time to fess up. I had to tell Finn how I felt.


I was walking through the halls of my old school after the graduation ceremony when I bumped into the one and only, Finn Wolfhard. "I gotta say something!" I thought. But he beat me to it.

"Hey, Millie have you seen Levi? My dad is driving him home," Finn asked.

"Oh uh no I'm sorry," I replied caught off guard.

Finn began to walk away to look for his friend. "Millie no!" I scolded myself.

"Wait, Finn!" I called out. But then I froze. I couldn't do this. Not now. "Um, congrats! On graduating!" I mentally slapped myself.

Finn smiled. "You too," he waved goodbye and walked off.

There went my chance. Unless..

I pulled out my phone, opened notes, and copied the paragraph.

"Here goes nothing," I thought as I pasted and hit send. In a panic I then turned my phone off. I didn't want to see his response.

millie: (it's my turn to send you a little paragraph out of nowhere lol) so i told myself i'd tell you this before we graduated and since we just did well, i might as well tell you now. i was gonna tell you this in person but then i got kinda nervous and... anyway i wanna say that i'm very glad that we're friends again after everything that's happened this year. you're a really nice person and you make me laugh. idk why it's so hard to say three little words but here it goes. i've been meaning to tell you this for longer than i care to admit but, i like you. just thought you deserve to know...

I took a deep breath, and sent it. My mind was racing and I was filled with anxiety, but I was proud. This was a big step for me, after all, it had been four years.

Suddenly, my phone buzzed, and my heart skipped about a thousand beats. I cautiously opened the snap from Finn, and waited to see whether my life would change for the better or the worse.

finn: thank you for that and i'm glad we're friends too and i kind of knew that... i've felt that way about you before but it's confusing but i don't wan to mess anything up so i'll leave it at that

My heart probably stopped for about a minute. He liked me back before and he didn't tell me??! Why not?? Probably because of Maddie but still! That stressed me out to the point of yelling, but I stayed calm.

millie: i actually did know that you know (long story don't ask lol) but i'm glad we're on the same page now :)

finn: ok cool :)

I took a deep breath, I did it! I confessed to Finn and after a long year of confusion and craziness, we had finally graduated.

Little did I know, summer had a lot in store for me...

hallo y'all must hate me for taking so long to finish and damn epilogue i'm so sorry, luckily this story is done (there could possibly be a bonus chapter updating you on what millie and finn had been up to over the summer...) thank you all so so so much for taking time out of your day to read this, it really makes me happy :) also SEASON TWO IS IN m13 DAYS WTF MY HEART have an amazing night/day/afternoon/morning/evening ❤️

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