Day 7: An Internet Friend

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So a friend?

I have a group of friends in college but mostly people keep away from me because I'm quite a strange person. I blame the IB but apparantly I was weird in secondary school as well. Honestly, I don't believe that but I don't deny the fact that I'm weird now :p However, I'm blaming the IB for that :(. If any of you do the IB holla because I'm thinking of doing a non fiction story where people talk about their experiences of the IB...what that has to do with friends I don't know but I'm going to get back on topic now...

Well, a friend is someone whom one knows, likes and trusts according to However like I said before, I don't know anyone on wattpad. However, I do hope that in the future I'll become friends with some of you guys :)

There are however some people I consider aquantancies and @cheekymonkey412 is one of them.

She's so sweet and I'm going to help her edit her story 'My pregnancy with a jealous sister' because I can see it will be good story once it has been edited to sort out the grammar and spelling etc...

I can honstly say that she is definatly friend worthy and all you guys should check her out and say hi to her because she is so sweet. She kind of reminds me of my sister but I don't think my sister has ever been that sweet, but yeah you know...

Anyways that's anough on friends.

Ciao xx

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