Chapter 11: Elisa

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The Jones home was already humming with the daily duties and preparations for not only the wedding, but the engagement party as well. Emilia and I were helping Miss Felicia pick out centerpieces for the engagement party while Mr. Andrew and Mr. Elias enjoyed illegally imported Cuban cigars on the sun deck. I was surprised that they'd managed to get their hands on that stuff. President Steel had been excellent about keeping exported goods out of the country. They would casually glanced our way trying to put in their two cents, but Miss Felicia was pretty clear that the final decision was hers. It was sweet to see the way Mr. Elias looked at her when she spoke about her plans. 

They men had been puffing on their cigars for a good twenty minutes, filling up their area with ash smoky scent. In turn it filled me with nostalgia, remembering the times when my dad and my uncles would sit in the backyard with their cigars. My mom and I always hated that smell, because it clung to our clothes, but this time, the smell was welcomed. I would be so lucky if it clung to my clothes this time so I could carry it with me always. Mr. Andrew turned his attention to me for a second. I dropped my eyes immediately, feeling embarrassed that he'd caught me staring. He offered me a sweet smile before taking in another inhale as he looked out over his land.

Off in the distance, Mr. Andrew spotted a horse riding onto his property. He furrowed his brows and snuffed out his cigar, nodding to Mr. Elias to follow him. They crossed over to the barn to mount their horses and rode out in the direction of the mysterious rider. I squinted trying to make out the shape of the person. It looked like a woman from here. As they got closer, the woman's horse suddenly bucked forward, sending her right over the top of its head. Felicia and I gasped, running to the rail using our hands as shields against the sun.

Master Andrew immediately pulled back the reigns, hopping off and ran to her. She tried pushing herself up, but he was already by her side offering her an arm of support. He helped her up, seemingly examining her wrist. Felicia tapped my shoulder lightly, urging me to go phone a doctor right away. I hurried in, grabbing the living room phone and dialed the doctor's office from the contact list beside the lamp.

"Are you alright?" I heard Felicia ask as I finished my phone call.

"I seem to have hurt my wrist." A feminine voice answered.

The four of them entered the living room where the woman was clinging to Mr. Andrew. Oh please, it was just a wrist.

"Does anything else hurt?" he asked.

"No, just my wrist."

Mr. Andrew helped her sit on the sofa, glancing at me, and asked me to bring her a fresh glass of water. I went over to the pitcher and dumped some ice into a glass before pouring it halfway. 

"I'm Andrew Jones, this is my friend Elias Pearson, and my sister Felicia. You were riding on my property." He said to her.

"Oh, my goodness, I'm so sorry. I didn't know this was yours. I didn't mean to trespass." She replied, furrowing her perfectly groomed brows.

"It's alright, and I apologize for spooking your horse."

"Oh, no, really Mr. Jones, it's quite alright. My uncle warned me about this horse, but I took her anyway."

I brought the glass setting it in front of her. She failed to thank me and instead directed herself to Mr. Andrew. He looked at me, thanking me for her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name," he told the woman.

"How rude of me, my name is Becky, Becky Dowager." 

She extended her hand out to shake his, Elias' and Felicia's.

Miss Felicia sat beside her, telling her that Dr. Lewis was already on his way. She asked me to bring an ice pack as she examined the swelling wrist.

"You have a lovely home, Mr. Jones." She complimented, just as I returned with an ice pack and a towel.

Becky once again failed to acknowledge me causing Miss Felicia to do all the thanking. I mentally rolled her eyes. She was one of those people.

"Thank you, but please Miss Dowager, call me Andrew." He replied. 

"Only if you call me Becky."


His eyes twinkled at the sight of her blushing cheeks. Gross.

Mr. Andrew turned to me, asking me if I could prepare lunch for Miss Becky. She looked over to me, cutting me a superior gaze.

I turned back to Mr. Andrew accepting the request. On my way into the kitchen, I accidentally slammed the door on Matilde and Guadalupe whom were secretly listening. I apologized sheepishly, moving right to the fridge. Becky probably liked sandwiches, right?

The two women hurried to my side to ask what had happened. I explained that some blonde chick was riding on the property and had been thrown from her horse when Mr. Andrew rode up alongside her. It sounded totally convenient that she happened to fall and catch his eye. That was something out of a romance novel and he was falling for it. I didn't think guys were that dumb. I rolled my eyes shaking my head.

"You're not, jealous, are you?" Matilde laughed.

"Of course not!" I exclaimed. "I just get irritated when women act like her."

"She's being feminine, it's perfect for the time."

"This country has reverted back to the 1800s, that's what she's acting like."

"There is nothing we can do about that."

I huffed, finishing up her sandwich and slapped it on a plate. Guadalupe added some Ruffles chips beside it, then sent me in to deliver it. Mr. Andrew took the plate from me with a thank you and placed it in front of Becky. I looked at her, waiting to see if maybe she was going to say something. Felicia gently patted my leg, shaking her head. Yeah, it wasn't going to happen. I went back into the kitchen, sitting at the counter until there was something to do.

I hoped Becky wouldn't become a regular guest. She was clearly not like Mr. Andrew and his crew. 

She stayed for the whole afternoon, sweetly turning down Mr. Andrew's invitation to stay for dinner. Becky made up some fake story of having to get back to her uncle who was surely worried about her. Mr. Andrew and Miss Felicia walked her to the front door, inviting her to come back whenever she pleased. 

Becky blushed at Mr. Andrews words. Ugh, so gross. I didn't peg Mr. Andrew for being such a cornball, but it looked like he totally was. 

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