Chapter Two: Job

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Lucy's POV
It was noon when we arrived at the requester's place. During the train ride, I kept on thinking about Natsu and how he reacted to Lisanna's return.

"Natsu!" Lisanna yelled, throwing her arms around his neck and bringing the both of them to the ground. "I'm back!!"

"Li-lisanna?!" I could hear Natsu's disbelief and shock at what he was seeing. "Is that really you?!"

She nodded her head, tears in her eyes. "It's really me, Natsu!"

Then she looked over to see Mirajane and Elfman standing next to her in shock.

"Lisanna?!" Mira's voice shook with undeniable disbelief.

"Mira-nii! Elf-niichan!! I'm back!" The three siblings were soon hugging each other to death.

People began lining up to have a turn with Lisanna. I stood to the side, watching with contempt etched in my face.

"Lucy-san?" A small hand tugged at my elbow. "Who is she?"

I looked down to see Wendy with Carla at her side. "Yeah," Carla echoed. "Just who is she?"

I looked back at Lisanna to see her hugging Natsu, nearly strangling him (which of course, nearly sent me over the edge).

"Actually, I'm not sure either, but from what I see, I think she's Mira and Elfman's dead sister," I finally replied.

"I hope she's nice, Lucy-san." The small dragon slayer face held a brilliant smile.

"I hope so, too."

Wendy's POV
We decided to stay at an inn since it was already late. I was worried for Carla. She looked troubled the whole way here.

"Carla, what's wrong?" I asked when Lucy was getting ready for a shower. Happy was... well happily sleeping.

Carla glanced at the door to the bathroom, as if she didn't want Lucy to hear. "Can I trust you to not tell anyone, especially Lucy?"

I nodded, impatient for the truth.

"I saw... terrible things." Carla stopped and shuddered violently. "Lucy... beaten up by Natsu. The guild in shambles. A-and Lucy with cold blue eyes."

When she finished, I realized my mouth was slightly open. "C-carla, what does it all mean? Is it true?"

She looked uncertain for a moment, then she stated firmly, "My visions never failed me once. If this is true, then Lucy will be in grave danger."

"Is there anything we can do to save Lucy from her future?" I pleaded.

Carla looked equally unhappy. "I'm afraid not, child. All we can do is wait and see."

Time skip: The Next Day (requester's house)

Lucy's POV
I feel much better than yesterday, although my heart still aches sometimes. Happy still looked sad and rejected. Wendy and Carla keep looking at me as if I'd suddenly shatter like glass. This annoys me very much, and I want to prove that I'm not as weak as I seem.

We are currently at the requester's house, who actually happens to be the mayor of the town.

"I am so thankful for your help, fairy tail mages," a short man says, snapping me out of my thoughts. "My name is Kinota Breto (totally just made this up 😂). This demon has killed at least one third of the population here."

Wendy and I gasp in shock, and Carla nods politely.

"This horrendous demon even took the life of my grandson, Kiro. My beloved grandson..." The old man began to weep, and I felt my heart break at those words.

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