Notes of Insanity

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Black ink stained his papers with messy panic,

anxiety sucking the color from his face.

Fragile was his mind riddled with manic,

only discomfort his mouth could taste.

A torture chamber disguised as an exotic pleasure-palace,

every corridor oozed with a soul-devouring malice.

Stained glass projected shadows of oncoming doom,

visions of the vampire were driving him mad.

Slithering darkness crept from every tomb,

displeasure was his greatest comrade.

Thunder cracked in tune with the rats in the walls,

phantasms wailed in velvet-draped halls.

Cracks in the ceiling and drips of moldy rain,

cobwebs spindled around his throat.

Blood from his body was about to be drained,

soon he would write his final note.

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