Prince of Darkness

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With the fatal flaw of cursing the Lord's name,

forbidden cravings lit him aflame.

Towering over the edge of skyless ruins,

where the light of glory is ultimately shunned.

The jagged spires rise above the lightless heavens,

seduced by the lullabies of silver tongues.

In the language of evil he was terribly fluent,

to the fate of all things he was mercilessly prudent.

River winds ripple through broken chasms,

where the prince of darkness satiates his endless thirst.

Ignited by the tune of restless phantasms,

within the heart of blood-soaked outskirts.

Burdened with sins incapable of atonement,

setting in motion the holy dethronement.

Claiming the cloak of darkness as his territory,

the prince crawls from his bottomless tomb.

Practicing the virtues written on the oath of the predatory,

he sink his fangs in their succulent wounds.

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