Transylvanian Symphonies

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Listen to the sadistic howls of unfathomable things,

and drown in the ocean of chaos they bring.

Nocturnal mating calls lure the temptful hearts,

of those who would seek the darkness in forbidden arts.

Take caution of the secrets midnight holds,

for legends say the dead rise up from their crumbled abodes.

When the sun sets over Transylvania,

all will be stricken with unbridled mania.

A darkness of sheer terror engulfs the beautiful landscape,

entities of most dreadful origins roam the earth.

When the church bells toll, none will escape,

as the dead bring apprehension and misfortune upon those they thirst.

Once you lay eyes upon the children of the night,

only then will you come to understand the true meaning of spite.

Forever doomed to sleep with one eye open,

the darkness you'll be cursed to elope in.

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