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Embracing the instincts of the primal,

he proudly took on the role of a fiend.

A grotesquely impure revival,

staining his hands that refused to be washed clean.

Growing numb to the screams of human weakness,

wallowing in a cesspool of shallow bleakness.

An undying hunger grew within him,

a desire for flesh stalked his every thought.

Urges growing with intentions grim,

obsessed with devouring human rot.

He fed upon bones and peeled tender skin,

devouring souls and feasting on whims.

Embraced by the blessings of fallen angels,

he became a beast cloaked in human skin.

A blight on the world, his existence baneful,

the line between angel and monster had never been so thin.

An aberration he became, shedding his mortal coil,

an inferior carcass left buried beneath soil.

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