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Chapter 10: A Not So Heart to Heart Conversation

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 Chapter 10: A Not So Heart to Heart Conversation

"M-Mom," Alec was half-gagging, half-stammering by this point. "I. ah... I was, ah... Andrea"

Despite the demanding presence that Mrs. Worthington presented, I couldn't help looking at Alec. Never have I ever seen him look so nervous. His hands were right in front of his crotch, his fingers fiddling with each other. The stance he was on was so humorous that a mini laugh attack exploded within my mouth.

I quickly gulped it down, though, since Mrs. Worthington's gaze was directed towards me.

"Young lady," she remarked.

What should I call her? Old lady? Madame? O-high-mighty-your-highness? My brain wasn't functioning well.

"Um, hi," and then out the most boring greeting ever. "I'm Andrea."

She smiled coolly. "I'm Victoria Worthington, Alec's mother. If you kindly elaborate to me about your relationship with my son."

She was using such big words and weird phrasing that it took me a while to process what she actually wanted. My brain, despite its near-kaput condition, managed to translate it to 'Are you Alec's new girlfriend?'

"No-no," I said, forcing a sweet smile. "I'm not his girlfriend."

"She's not my girlfriend," Alec also shook his head.

Mrs. Worthington arched a perfectly trimmed eyebrow. I wondered how much she paid for the lady to pluck it to be so photoshop-y. "Are you paid, then?"

I nodded.

At the same time, Alec shook his head. "She's not, Mom. Please!"

"She's nodding," Mrs. Worthington pointed out. "You're nodding."

"I am nodding," I confirmed.

An awkward silence ensued.

Alec was messaging the skin between his eyes, his breathing sharp and sounded painful. Mrs. Worthington studied me for a while, although I was pretty sure that I possessed nothing that could possibly impress her.

And then it hit me.

It hit me hard.

When she was asking if I am paid, she was implying something else.. something... something terribly terrible.

"No, Mrs. Worthington!" I briskly rebuked. "No, I'm not paid for that! I was paid for something else."

There was a twitch of amusement on her lips, as if urging me to go on.

"Could you please stop talking?" Alec muttered under his breath to me. And then, to his mother, "No, Mom. She's just a friend."

Mrs. Worthington nodded, the spark of interest in her eyes was entirely gone.

"Why are you coming home, anyway?" Alec asked quite curtly.

"I've done the filming. Can't you pretend to be happy to see your mother?"

In respond to that, Alec suddenly beamed brightly. Too brightly, in fact, that it didn't look so fake. "Is Phillip with you?"

"He's parking the car."

It was imperceptible, but I saw Alec rolling his eyes. This Phillip fella was not someone he was fond of.

"Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes, then," Alec said, and then, grabbing me by the wrist, swiveled towards the ladder once more. "I think Gabriel's cooking duck today."

"Tasty," his mother commented, although there was no inflection in her tone. "I'll be seeing you in twenty minutes, then."

"And Phillip, too."

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