Chapter 1️⃣

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Well you know how those female characters in Wattpad stories wake up in the morning?

Falling out of bed, breaking their alarm clocks and etc, etc. Then there's the way those crappy princesses wake up.

Well let's just say the way I woke up was a little bit of both.

Ding dong.

The Doorbell rang.

Jk, jk

The door bell did not ring.

But I heard something else and it was really close? What could it be?

Bang bang!

I tried to think what could be causing that sound.

Wait? Why am I not just looking around for the source of the sound and just racking my brain?


Slowly opening my eyes open as I Sat up on my bed, I stretched with a fake smile on my face.

"Good morning"
I grumbled to my self.

"Or good night" I stand corrected by my phone. Irritated by the anonymous sound, I swung my legs off the bed standing up only to fall face flat. Suddenly the banging stopped to a halt. I looked up to see my window wide open.

I wonder if it is a robber?

Opening the drawer next to the bed, I took out my gun before standing up.
Tiptoeing next to the window I looked out and saw no one. I held the gun with both hands and tightened my grip as I saw a figure next to me in the dark.

oh god, is that the old man who lives next door?! The other day he gave me an elephant fat lecture just because I by mistake stepped on his wife- I meant lawn. i swear to god he is creepy af. I'm gonna give him a big fat lecture about breaking into people's house.

Looking out of my window I saw the old man reading a newspaper? while sitting on his lawn with two cups of coffee.

The fudge? It ain't the old man. Is it weird that I'm more worried about the fact that the old man is sitting on his lawn alone reading a newspaper with two cups of coffee, presumably talking to his imaginary friend, rather than the fact that there's a intruder hiding behind my curtain.

In a swift movement I grabbed the intruders left arm and flipped him over my head. He fell to the ground, loud grunt escaping his lips.

I jumped on top of him straddling his hips between my legs.

Pressing the cold metal to the side of the his head I clicked off the safety click and showered him with questions and threats "Who are you? What the fuck are you doing in my house? How the freaking hell did you get in my house? Are you a thief? Rapist? Are you in D.A? Oh my god! You are a D.A...... or not- anyways answer all my questions or I will chop your balls and hang them by the bed of your gay friends room, or the bullet in my beautiful gun will go piecing though your brain in a flash." I finished and snapped my fingers together.

He looked frightened during my oh so not amazing speech but smirked and raised an eyebrow after he heard me snap my fingers together. I blushed and was so glad that he couldn't see me as the room was dark and only had a little light passing through the window.

"Wow for a pretty angel that's straddling my waist while holding a gun pressed against my head you snap your fingers rather softly." The guy breath out in a really husky voice, sounding very amused.

"What! I know that I can't snap my fingers properly! You don't need to rub that in my face!!!" I snapped at him.

"Wow calm your tits woman and this position looks wrong if you put the gun out of the picture."
The guy whispered. I tightened my grip on his hands that I subconsciously pinned over his head  

"But honey, the gun is in the picture and answer my previous questions. Also just cause I can't snap my fingers doesn't mean I can't snap your hands" I warned.

"Okay! I don't remember all the questions you asked but I assure you that I won't do anything to you or steal anything can we just sit and talk? And how do you know I have a gay friend?"

"well, you just told me.....?" I trailed off.

"Anyways mind getting off of me angel? Your kind of heavy and let's just talk in peace ok?"
I was hesitant at first but eventually got off of him but I wasn't letting my guard down so easily.

The guy slowly got off the cold ground and started running towards the window

Bad move dickhead.

Aiming my gun at my target, I pulled the trigger.

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