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Um hello.......

Hey Fellow Wattpadians!
Some of you might have read the crap shit of a story I wrote with just 3 chapters uploaded.
And then I deleted it a while after.
Sry if this is crap too but I believe that I will do a great job writing this beautiful story (not really)


Yeaaaaaaa .............. yeaaa........

Ik some of you might have already left seeing at the start of the story is a STUPID authors note.
But....... (not that butt)

Hey the fellow Wattpadians who stayed.
I love ya! 😘 (not like that people!!)

I had started writing this book last year and I didn't really think this through, so the plot might be crappy. But I assure you it will be worth your time. If not then I will get you a clock.... okay that made no sense *clears throat*

Anyways hope you like reading this story. No!!!
Don't just like this story.
LOVE it!

Bye, bye!

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