It was the day before my birthday and we were on our way to the hair dressers/salon which Sammy's mum owned we walked in and were greeted by Estebon the hair stylist

"Alexa hunny it's your highlights today?"

"Yeah and a little bit bit off the ends please and a few layers" Sammy butted in

"Okay then I hear its for a special occasion am I correct?" Estebon asked nodding to Sammy's request

"yes its for my birthday tomorrow were going to have a party at party at the plaza." another stylist came in and started cutting Sammy's hair and dyed her hair chocolate brown hair, we went in the next room and had our eyebrows and nails done i had silver nails with glitter, and Sammy had blue with glitter, we paid and went for ice cream. That evening we got the dresses out formorow and watched bad grandpa laughing Sophia brought us up hotdogs with ketchup and chips with milkshake and fruit salad with yoghurt we thanked her and she left to do Sammys parents casserole. we fell asleep after we'd taken the plates and with Katies complaints I washed the dishes again.

☆the next morning★

I woke up and saw that Sammy wasn't in the bed next to me I went in the shower and got changed into a geek top and denim shorts with my hair in a ponytail. I went downstairs and saw Sophia making my favourite breakfast pancakes with nuttella spread.

"Buenos días Alexa, feliz cumpleaños. " (good morning Alexa happy birthday) she handed me a plate and a pink gift bag

"thank you Sophia" I opened it and it was a top and some jeans with boots and a heart necklace,

"it's from all of the staff" I hugged Sophia and she kissed my cheek Sammy poked her head through the door then left I started eating my breakfast then I heared a crash coming from the stairs I ran straight there and saw Sammy on the floor with a stack of presents on the floor next to her

"help me please." I grabbed her hand and helped her up then helped her pick the presents up

"take them to the living room Lex please" Sammy says carrying her stack

"ok" i said i put them on the table and sat on the chair she came in

"okay these are from me and Zaynie" she said handing me a couple of bags some were clothes other were makeup and jewellery

"Thanks Sam" I said hugging hugging her

"This is from mom and dad" she said handing me a gift wrapped box I opened it and it was a photo album of me and Sammy when we were younger, there was one which I remember the day of me and sammy and her brother Nathan standing outside of london zoo. I looked at the clock and it was nine o'clock

"lets go to my parents house so then were in time for nans dinner."

"ok give me five i will get ready now" she went up stairs and i put all my stuff in my bag and waited by the door . Sammy came down in her white striped top and red jean shorts she grabbed her keys and then called charles, he came


"Charlie i need you to take the dresses and shoes to the hotel please"

"of course" he said bowing we walked out the door and walked to my Mums house. I opened the door and took my stuff to my room I went downstairs and saw Sammy on the sofa hugging Eliza ,my mum called me from the kitchen

"Hello Alexa happy birthday hunny" my dad said hugging me he gave me a bag I opened it and there was watch with leopard print on and some money my mother smiled then said

"Happy birthday Alex are you going up Nans later" Lilly crawled over and I picked her up

"Yes I am you coming to the plaza? Hiya Lilly how are you, you okay. Yeah?" She giggled when I said her name

"We will be there for a little bit we don't want to embarrass you I mean nobody wants there parents at there eighteenth birthday I was eighteen once." my dad said drinking his coffee

"Okay thank you I'm going to go to Nan's now thank you for my watch its beautiful" I was just about to leave with Sammy when Eliza came with a picture she had drawn and a card I got down on my knees hugging her I saw that she had drawn two girls playing in the park

"It's me and you Lexie happy birthday!"

"Thank you Eliza are you coming to my party?"

"Yeah mummy's taking me I get to wear my new sparkly top Nana got me!" she said excitedly

"Well ill see you there im going to Nana's for some dinner"

"Is Zayn going to be there" she said her and Zayn had always had this special bond I felt so mean as i said

"No Zayn isn't hunny he's on holiday with his Mummy and Daddy" she looked sad then ran off laughing to play in her room. We left and walked to my Nans house

"Wow you're watch is amazing hunny" she said looking at my watch

"Thanks sweetie"

We got to the house and knocked the door

"Hello hunny how are you happy birthday !! Finally eighteen Hello Sam" he said hugging me tight he kissed my cheek.

"Hey George" Sammy said

"Thanks Pops" I walked in

We walk in to my grandparents house and smell my grandmothers cheese, pasta and meatballs, we go into the kitchen

"Hey Nan" say hugging her

"Alexa, Sammy hello my darlings happy birthday Alex"

she says hugging us both.

"George! Bring Alex's present" I heard shuffling and saw my grandpa, bringing a white gift bag with my name on in pink letters,

"Happy birthday Alex" he said handing the gift bag to me.

"Thank you pops" My grandmother turned the stove off, and sat down I opened the bag and opened the rectangular box it was a camera in pink

"you can use it tonight for the party,"my grandmother said excitedly

"thanks Nana thank you pops" I say hugging them

"nice camera nice one George , Its the new one" Sammy said some technical things showing off and I shut off,

"The man at the shop said it was the best one at the moment, " pops said

"Okay dinners ready im glad you like it Alexa. Sammy Alexa would you lay the table, George help me dish out please" We ate the meal it was amazing I saw the time 3 o clock, we needed to go see the caterers at the plaza.

"Hey guys we got to go we have some things to arrange for the party thank you for the meal it was amazing as usual."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it enjoy your party"

"Thank you Nana I will, "

"Thanks Helen it was really nice"Sammy said

" No problem now go have fun at your party"

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