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009. | ❛ this isn't you.

CAROLINE FUMMED OUT OF THE ROOM, AND STEVE FOLLOWED HER TRAIL QUICKLY KNOWING THAT SHE NEEDED TO FUME OUT. HE WASN'T THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT THAT AS HE SAW KIARA, WHO WAS RECENTLY RELEASED FROM HER CUFFS APPROACHING HER SISTER. Kiara examined her sister's face as they got into a closer proximity, and took her into an embrace before she could say anything, knowing that Caroline was one to need a second before deciding which emotion was controlling her. It gave Kiara time to mouth to Steve behind Caroline, asking what happened.

He quickly shook his head before Caroline pulled away from Kiara, "I just want this to be over."

"It will be." Kiara lied straight to her face, and Caroline knew very well that any of this was far from over. In war, there are many battles to which both sides lose various people; whether it be mentally or physically. And frankly, the Kingsley's were in this business for so long that they knew that things would get worse before it ever got better.

"No, it won't be. Because even if we find a way past this, none of us will ever be the same." Caroline shook her head continuously. "The June wedding won't happen without everyone I love and consider family because we are engulfed in a huge civil war."

It was very apparent that Caroline was no longer or was ever angry, more so she was worried of the fate of everyone once this was done. When all was said in done, would there even be an Avengers left to save and protect the world?

Steve pulled his fiancée in for a tight hug, and she wrapped her arms around his abdomen and pulled him closer to her. Caroline only does that once she has a strong premonition that something was about to go down; almost like a spidey sense. She bit her bottom lip as she enjoyed the final moments of the embrace before a flash of panic raced through her as in a moment everything went dark.

The power cutting out and it sending everyone into chaos as they scramble to regain a visual, but the trio have on single glance at each other before running out and on the chase for Bucky. Kiara and Caroline went one way as Steve alongside Sam, who managed to catch up went another.

The two sisters heard the sound of gunshots down the hallway as they turned out of the stairwell, dashing towards the sound. As they came into an open area, they could see Bucky locked into a mortal combat with multiple guards. He manages to whip the closest guard, sending him flying back as he quickly disarms the second, and turning the gun to fire on him.

A chill ran down both their spines when Bucky froze in his movements as his gaze landed on the two sisters. Caroline saw no sign of the man she had come to know. All she saw was the sheer mass and killing force of the weapon he had once been; one that almost killed her if it wasn't for Kiara. It took them a quick second before they realized that they were in the midst of the Winter Soldier.

"Kingsleys, get out of here!" Tony yelled as he sent a flash of light at Bucky, drawing his attention to him as Bucky engaged him in combat. Tony moved quickly, having only a single iron glove for protection. Bucky turns the gun on him and fires just as Tony gets his metal covered hand around the barrel, blocking the bullet.
Tony responds swiftly, taking the ammunition out of the gun as he slams Bucky across the face; only to have Bucky respond with a firm hit that sends Tony sprawling backwards. 

"Bucky, stop!" Kiara yelled making a move to go forward once more. His eyes connect with hers, his brow furrowing slightly in confusion as his footsteps falter.

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