Chapter 20

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Your Pov

I yawned and stretched in my place.Wow another day in bed,what better than that.I groaned and looked at my surroundings. At least I'm not in the hospital anymore.I thought and buried my face in my pillow.

Sighing,I took my phone out and checked the time. Apparently,it was school time and Adrien was there learning and doing whatever school stuff we do.

"Oh no,I'll have to do a lot of catching up once I'm out of this cursed bed.No offence bed,I love you but right now I'm on my nerves so I have to blame someone or something in your case and you are the closest thing near me."

I'm that hopeless . I'm arguing with my bed."Uhhhh why can't I just go outtttt"I whined, while I just stared at the ceiling.

~Time skip~

Waking from my train of thought,I heard a knocking sound on my balcony.I whipped my head towards it to find Chat smiling cheekily at me.I rolled my eyes playfully and motioned him to come inside.

He obeyed unlocking the door and sliding it wide open.He  closed it behind him and walked towards me,siting at the edge of my bed."Hey my purrincess~!Are you feeling better?"He purred.I rolled my eyes.

"Yes I'm better but I'm soooooo bored " I flopped my head on my mattress and he chuckled."What have you been doing all day?"He asked me as he stopped laughing.I slightly lifted my head to face him with half lidded eyes.

"All I did was sleep,eat,listen to music and oh I argued with my  bed."I said as I buried my face in my covers once more."Well don't worry ma belle,you'll be out of this bed in no time."He stated,coming closer to me.

"And by that,you mean in one week,hurray " I mumbled,raising my hand in the process to make the sarcasm clear. He sighed and took a hold of my shoulders,making me look up at him.

"I know it's hard for you but it'll be over soon. Don't worry!"He said making me smile a little.He smirked.He leaned in and pecked me a little on my lips.He pulled away before I could even process what just happened.

He hugged me,placing his chin on top of my head while rubbing circles on my back."That's my good girl"He whispered sweetly making me let out a soft giggle.

"This week will be over before you even realise.I promise. "

~1 week later~

"Finally I can walk again"I jumped up and down making my parents laugh.They had came with me to the hospital so they could take of my bandages and stuff.

"Why won't we go celebrate tomorrow night with a dinner?"My dad asked and I nodded hugging both of my parents.As we were walking I heard a crumbling sound from above us.My parents didn't realise it so I just looked at it.

There I spotted two black cat ears that were to big to be normal cat ones.I walked a little further and  checked once again to find and two green cat like eyes.Once they noticed that I was staring back,they hid behind a tree branch.

I knew exactly who it was and I would question him later WHY THE HELL WAS HE FOLLOWING ME????I took a deep breath and continued walking side by side with my parents.

Oh great now I reminded myself of Arianna Grande.

~Time skip once again (^-^)~

We reached our house and I walked to my room.I know I said that I was bored of this place but where else could I go?I laid down on my bed,closing my eyes with a satisfied sigh.

"Tired?"I heard a voice call from behind me.I opened my eyes and sat up on my bed and there I saw my lovely boyfriend.


He kept quiet.He just looked at me a little dazed and confused.

"What are you talking about?I was at school all day?I just came back from it"

It was then my turn to be confused.

"But I-I saw you.You were hiding in a tree behind me"I said.

"You must have imagined it.You just came from the hospital,you must be tired " He didn't believe me...HE DIDN'T FREAKING BELIEVE ME.

"Hold yoir whiskers mister.I know what I saw.If you believe me or not is not my problem."I stated and he blinked.He just shook his head and took a hold of me in bridal style position.He rocked me slowly and looked at me lovingly.

"Ok,whatever you say princess,whatever you say"He said and I crossed my arms,pouting.

"You don't believe me do you?" I asked and he looked away, awkwardly. I sighed.He looked back at me and kissed me deeply. He pulled away and stared back at me once more.

"Listen,it's not that I don't believe you it's just...I wasn't out of school that time. Maybe you saw a black cat on the tree, you never know " He tried to reason out and I sighed for the 5th time.

"You are probably right.I'm sorry for exaggerating " I said and he kissed me again.He stroked my hair out of the way and pulled away.

"It's okay. You had a long day today.I think you should get some rest. "He suggested and I nodded.I really did feel tired.Out of the blue I yawned and he chuckled at my reaction.

"Common. Let me tuck you in bed." He picked me up and placed me under my covers. He pulled them on top of me and he pecked my forehead.

"Have a good rest ma cherie . I'll drop by later to check on you, ok?" He questioned and I nodded. He left and I closed my eyes not realising that two shinning green ones were staring at my sleeping form, out of my window.

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