Empty. pt.1

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Don't judge a book by it's cover. You haven't even read the story yet !


Kendall pov

I rolled my eyes as she appeared on stage again. "I am not gonna bore nobody with a speech. Because I don't like doing it. So when I say nobody, I actually mean me. So I'll keep it short. Thanks to my team, band, manager, fam and most of all fans." The audience erupted in screams and applauds. I rolled my eyes again and saw my best friend doing the same. KYLIE TOO !? "Your eyes are going to roll out of your head." Kylie said and then turned back to the stage. "But what I really want to say is..." Y/N got of the stage and started walking in between the seats. She just finished performing and she was apparently ending the AMA's. "I don't deserve this. I really don't." She stopped and looked at the award. "This belongs to someone who is an big inspiration to many young people and a little more experienced than others people. Someone who doesn't give up. Someone who can slay all day and be Queen of everything. This belongs to somebody who is the best inspiration the music industry has ever known. Queen B. This belongs to you." Y/N looked at Beyonce and she just shook her head. "Please. Lemonade inspired so many people. You have so many fans. Even haters are your fans. People who don't know your name are your fans. And all your fans believe and feel your inspiration deep inside their hearts." Y/N was interrupted by a hug. "Thank you. But I can't. You deserve it." Beyonce smiled. Y/N nodded then handed the award to her manager. "You don't have choice." They hugged again. Y/N turned to the camera. "Ladies and Gentes ! AMA's 2016 ! I WAS HONORED TO BE HERE. SEE NEXT YEAR !" The crowd again went wild and Y/N jogged backstage.

"Kendall, Kylie over here !" I heard someone I looked and it was a reporter. I nudged Kylie and she grabbed someone. I didn't see who. She asked if it was okay for a interview. And she got three 'yes'.

"Kendall you look beautiful. What did you think about the ending ?" She asked. I just knew that was coming. "Thank you. It was okay. I liked it because now it's over." I said and she giggled. "She's not a fan off someone." Kylie said. I nudged her and she looked at me and Gigi cleared her throat. We stopped before it started. "Gigi you look amazing. What did you think about the artists performances ?" The reopter asked. Sorry I didn't catch her name. "Thank you. They were all amazing. Sometimes I wish I could sing." Gigi added causing me and Ky to laugh, Gi did too. "All of us do. Kylie you look gorgeous. Love the hair. Is there any performance tonight you liked most ?" She asked. "Aww. Thank you. To be honest. I loved Y/N's performance. My favorite song was performed." Ky said and the report nodded. She asked a few other questions, luckily not about the artist and performance. We walked on our way to the after party. As we entered I saw a huge group of people then suddenly they laughed. I frowned. We walked over, I stood next to Cara. She smiled and hugged me. I noticed mostly everyone was listening to Y/N.

What the hell is there to like about her !?

"I fell asleep in the recording studio and I was leaning on the board and through the night I guess I messed with the buttons. I played it the next morning. It was okay. If I wanted to present a day club full of Tellitubbies fans." Everyone laughed, Cara as well. Everyone looked at her again as if she was their only entertainment. She seemed panicked and completely out of her comfort zone. She nervously smiled and excused herself. I turned my head and saw her rushing to the restroom. "I'll be back Ken. Grab us a drink, please." Cara said and left. I went to the bar. A while later Cara still hadn't return. She walked to the restroom too. So I went there first.

I opened the door and I heard sniffs. I went in and stood at the door then locked it. I heard Cara's voice.

"No. You can't say that because of one person. That's not what us Brits do." Cara said. I frowned, then heard another sniff. "I know. But it's not easy." I made noise with the door. I felt like this isn't my place to hear. And suddenly I had to use the bathroom. "Fuck off ! We're busy !" Cara said storming at me blocking my view. All I could see was someone moving into a stall. "Oh, Ken it's you. Sorry. But what are you doing here ?" She asked. I gave her a inamused glare. "I came to play the lottery." I said and she scratched the back of her neck. "That was kind of a stupid question. Anyway. I'll see you tomorrow." Cara said and I frowned. "You love partying." I reasoned. "Yeah well sometimes I got fucking priorities Kendall. And unlike some people in this world I do fucking care about how other people feel." Cara snapped at me then went to the other stall did a weird knock it opened. She removed her hat. Then a girl came out with her head down covering her face with Cara's hat held low. Y/N. Cara ignored my presence as they stormed past me. I walked out and somehow they managed to slip past everyone. I walked out and saw how Cara yelled at the paps as they struggled. Suddenly she pushed the pap out her way and then they got in the car and sped off. I can just imagine the headlines. Suddenly flashes were on me. I went back inside casually, walking like I'm on the catwalk.

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