chapter one

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Dedicated to LittleSpoonStyles94

My friend wanted this Au written (pic above) so I decided to wrote it for her amd added a twist to it. I want to thank my good friend phychozayn for helping me with this story. Go check out her story Youtube Sensation and her other stories,there so good.well enjoy and please let me know what you think by commenting.

Oh and a thank you to my friend smoldeypants for making the cover,Your amazing

Third person pov:

Harry stepped out of his black range rover,looking tired and nervous. He had an interview at the biggest modeling agency in London called, Corden agency and he was a big shot among the biggest celebrities. Lets just say harry didn't want to mess this up.

As long as he can remember Harry always wanted to model.He always pretended to be a model and always walk up and down his hallway like it was a runaway or act like he was posing for the camera,he even brought his sister into it.

He wiped his sweaty palms on his pants,which he was wearing black skinny jeans, a white button up shirt with a black blazer over it.

He wanted to make sure he looked OK so there was a car that had dark windows and he could see his reflection completely. He swiped his hand through his chocolate brown locks where it was sticking up at. He turned his head from side to side making sure it looked okay and it did.His shirt was a little crumpled so he pulled the white button up down til there was no more wrinkles.

What harry didn't know was there was a person on the other side watching his every move chuckling at the stranger.

Harry was startled when he heard a laugh and the window was being rolled opened.

The stranger smirks, " Are you quite finish love?" he asks at a flustered looking Harry.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Harry said, trying to play it cool.

"Don't play with me now," The stranger says teasingly as he smirks.

Harry blushes as he looks down at his feet, immediately feeling self conscious at being in front of such a guy.

"I...sorry," Harry stutters not quite sure with what to answer. He was anxious to get going but the lad did not move his feet as they remained frozen upon the ground the stranger had found him.

"Now you look all dressed up, what's the special occasion?" He asks as he motions to the blazer Harry wore.

"I can't say," Harry simply answers switching the weight upon his legs, wiping his hands on his jeans again feeling all sweaty and flustered.

He couldn't possibly tell the stranger for as he was quite a young looking man and could possibly even steal the open shot Harry had in fulfilling his dreams.

"If you need to look at yourself one more, then go ahead but just so you know," He says making sure he had Harry's full attention, "rather dashing." He winks at him and then brings up the window so Harry could continue to fix his appearance.

If Harry wasn't blushing before he definitely was now. He swiped his hand through his hair once more and slightly sees the stranger give a thumbs up. He sees his reflection again and then decides it's time. It's now or never, he thinks as he walks in the building where his dreams were waiting. Today's the day everything is set in it's place.

"We've considered an opportunity for you Mr. Styles, we just need to talk it over. So please give us a minute and we'll get back to you." Harry nods and exits the room wanting to know what they could be saying at the moment.

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