Chapter 1

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La'Nae POV

I kicked the door open.

And guess who is standing right in front of us.... Just fucking guess





Like really it seems like Choppa got played twice lol. Drew's eyes widen when he seen me. I smirked.

"Well what do we have here?" I said taking a seat on the leather couch. The boys were all behind me.

"What are you doing here Nae?" Drew asked.

"Well if you must really know I found...well let me correct myself Choppa found all the cameras and wires you had in my house. You was trying to get me to tell you everything about him. But I'm not stupid I know how the game goes. I live, bleed, breathe, eat, sleep, and shit the game. You thought I was one of these simple minded hoes you got next to you? No sir." I said crossing my legs smirking.

"It wasn't like that."

I leaned up. "Then what was it like?" I asked.

No answer.

"Exactly." I stood up. "Let me explain something to you and everyone in this bitch. I'm not a game nor a toy and I will not be played as one. I been catching bodies since I was fucking 13 years old. I'll lay a bitch out and show up to their funeral with no remorse whatsoever. If I feel like, see, or hear that someone using me or un-loyal they dying before they have a chance to explain. I'm a deadly ass woman. I'm sure y'all heard of Ghost right?" Everyone mouth dropped. It's like they froze hearing that name. It got so quiet you could hear a rat piss on cotton.

Ghost is an assassin. No one has ever seen Ghost and if they did they never lived to speak about it. Long story short Sharell was Ghost and she passed the business down to me. So now I'm Ghost. I laughed.

"I'm guessing that's a yes. And guess where Ghost is right now? Any volunteers? None. Okay well I'll answer it for you. Ghost is the one talking." I laughed evilly. "See Choppa you can't fuck everybody cause you don't know who would turn on you in a heartbeat. You see Bria and Momo worked for Drew this whole time. So it was a set up from the beginning. Right Bria?" She didn't answer. So I shot her in the shoulder. She screamed out. "Right Bria?"


"Thought so. Another thing Shakeena only joined in because she wanted you, Choppa. The main two girls that you fucking with wanted you but wanted me dead. Bitch I'm Ghost I'm untouchable. Little did they know that they wanted the same man." I laughed. Everyone watched my every move. "You see Ms. Perfect Bria was cheating and scheming on you the whole time Choppa." I pulled out some pictures from my vest and threw them toward him. Everyone looked down. The girls from my crew gasped. "I don't know why you hoes shocked now cause you hoes were there with me. But it's funny how fast people turn their backs on you. Right? Lmao. Now Drew on the other hand thought he could use me to get to Chop, but he had no luck. One thing I would not be is a snitch or sell anybody out. I'm a loyal ass bitch and I ride for mines. See y'all think I'm clueless but I'm not. I know things before y'all even do. It's part of the game. But this is where it ends." I said pointing my gun at Momo.

"Any last words bitch?" She pissed on herself. I buss out laughing. "Pissy ass bitch." I pulled the trigger. Two bullets to the head. I smiled at my crew. They raised their guns.

"Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way." I said. They ass looked scared. Shakeena was bawling her eyes out.

"Bitch you wasn't crying trying to set a bitch up." I shot her in the knee. I looked at Drew and smirked.

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