Just your average siren, NOT!

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Dipper was pissed.  Very, very pissed.  His crew had thought it was a good idea to start a fire on the ship.   IDIOTS!  Any way, now he was trying to get everyone to safty.  Including Mable.

"Go Mabel, I will be right behind you" no I won't

"Dipper you promise me?" she asked me.  I just coulden't let her die.  There were no more rafts.  He coulden't go with her or the raft would sink. He just HAD to keep her safe.

"Yea Mabes, I promise"

I broke my promise as I pushed her raft off the ship....

"I am so sorry Mable."  it was the twin aesthetic.

If I couldn't give my life for her what kind of twin would I be?

I rushed through the burning debree and down to my sleeping quarters.  I grabbed my journal which was white with a blue pintree on it.  I put it in a small chest.  Hopefully someone in the future finds it and uses it as a guide for these seas.  I ran up to the burning deck.  Instead of making this painfull I'll just drown.  I jumped off the railing and hit the water.  Looking at the light I said goodbye to the world, but before I went unconscious I saw a golden pair of eyes. 

I Died.  Or so I thought?

I woke up to someone screaming at me to wake up


Anyway though the 'voice' yellling at me to wake up, my body screamed in protest.  So I said

"Oi! Stop screaming you will give Hades a headache jeez"

Then I got water splashed all over me.

"Fine. I'm up wha-"

I trailed off my sentence.

I saw a particularly handsome man infront of me. His tanned skinned face fixed with a smirk so godamn SEXY it was frickin illegal. His golden blonde hair was in a badboy 'I just woke up like this and I was just too LAZY to fix it so there' hairstyle which matched his eye color also gold. But he also had golden fins for ears and two gills (also gold) on his cheeks.
Looking down, he has a six-pack with toned abs. But another pair of gills at his sides.  The rest of his body was hidden by water but I know from experience what I was dealing with... A siren.  Oh gods no.

Now being the manliest man ever.  I screamed like a girl and claimed my arms until I fell over, earning an attractive chuckle comming from the siren.  I blushed. 

"Geez kid I didn't know I was that scary.  I think I am hot, now don't you agree?"

My face got redder.

"N-no" dammit I stuttered

"Your face says otherwise.  Listen Pine Tree, I'm not gonna hurt you ok.  Just here to, I don't know, save your life 'thank you's' are expected as such."

"T-thanks" stop stuttering Dipper godammit

"Ah, so Dipper is your name"
"Yea"  wait....
The siren smirked.

He can read minds....

I made yet another 'manly' scream.  He got out of the water and pressed his lips to mine.

"Shut up" he said. I was dumfounded, and flushed at the same time. 

I just kissed a fish...

"Heck ya you did."

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