Part 88*

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Everyone turned around to see who was clapping and when Sumo's eyes feel on the girl who was clapping, she froze.

Sumo: (in shock) Urvashi!!!

Kamini: Urvashi Beta?!

Vandy: Urvashi?!

Urvashi: What?! Did you guys forget me so easily?! Did you actually think I would keep quiet while this girl over here steals my man!?

Vandy: Urvashi, what are you saying!?

Urvashi: Just shut up Vandy!! Why did you tell me to woo Shravan and get married to him!? You set us up and I fell in love with him! Only to find out that he was only playing with my emotions! He insulted me in front of everyone that day at the HOLI Party and thought that I would forget it and move on?! (Glaring)

Sumo was quite the entire time, not knowing what to say. Vandy and Kamini were doing all of the talking because they were friends with Urvashi. But everyone else in the room was quiet. Preeti sensed the tension and ran to the garden.

As soon as Preeti's eyes fell on Shravan, she rushed to him.

Preeti: SHRAVAN!! Shravan you have to go inside right now!!

Shravan: (confused) Preeti!? What happened?!

Pushkar: Preeti why are you looking scared?!

Preeti: Shravan, Urvashi is here. And she need to come inside! (pulling his hand)

Shravan, Varun, Pushkar, Lalaji and Ramnath, rush into the house following Preeti. As soon as they get inside, they see the scene and know it's trouble.

Sumo's eyes are fixed to the ground and she is fiddling with her figures while Urvashi is glaring at her.

Shravan: (rushing in front of Sumo) What is going on?! And why are you here Urvashi!?

Urvashi: What Shravan?! Not happy seeing me here?! (smirking)

Vandy: (interrupting) Urvashi I think you need to go home.

Urvashi: No! Why should I go home when this b*tch stole my man away from me!? (pointing to Sumo)

Shravan: (angry) Just shut the f*ck up!!! How dare you Urvashi??!!!!! That is my wife you are talking about!!!

Urvashi: What?! Why the hell do you care so much about her anyways!? She's just a bloody poor orphan! She would be on the streets right now if it wasn't for you! And you!! (Pointing to Sumo) The only reason Shravan married a disgrace like you, is cause you were raped and no one else would accept you!! You here that!?

Before Urvashi could say a word more, Kamini pulled her hands and slapped her across her face.

Kamini: DON'T YOU DARE SAY A WORD AGAINST OUR SUMAN!!! (slapping Urvashi)

Urvashi: (holding her hand on her cheek where Kamini slapped her) Kamini Aunty!!! How could you slap me and even for a cheep ass girl like Suman!?

Kamini: Just SHUT UP!!! (raging in anger)

Urvashi: (gritting her teeth) Shravan! You have insulted me enough already, but Kamini Aunty, what you did was not alright!  And Vandy, why the hell are you sitting here, not doing anything?!

Vandy: You're right! I should be dragging you out of my house right now! Me and you are over! Forget friends, I don't want to see you face over again for insulting my Sister-in-law! (pouting in anger)

Urvashi: Oh, so now even you are on this orphan's side!? Well she must have done some black magic on you people! After all why else would Shravan reject me and marry a poor girl who was raped the day of her weddi-----

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