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•the apology•

four months later

snapchat: finn is typing...

I was just sitting and doing my homework like I do on any other Thursday in January when Mr. I'm-Gonna-Friendzone-You-And-Pretend-It-Never-Happened decided to give me a heart attack.

I waited a few seconds. No response. Maybe it was like that one time on Black Friday when he called me by accident.. I opened the chat and to my surprise, the little smiley face in the corner indicating that someone is typing was in the bottom left corner of the screen.

I gasped, quietly though as my mom was making dinner in the same room, and left the chat as quickly as possible. I turned my focus back to my algebra homework. Gotta love formulas, am I right?

A few minutes later, my phone buzzed again.

snapchat from finn

Carefully, I opened the chat to find a small paragraph. My breathing hitched. What was this?

hey so i just wanna say that i'm sorry for everything that i did last year with the liking and everything i just want to say that bc lately i've noticed that i was really really really off in 2016 and i just wanted to put that out there and i'm not saying PLEASE TAKE THIS i just wanted to tell you this

When I finished reading the text a small smile appeared on my face, he didn't hate me! I grabbed my phone and began to write a response to his heartfelt apology.

awww haha it's ok i forgive you and no you don't sound desperate that was really sweet

The next day at lunch I gathered Sadie, Grace, and Iris, my three closest friends and broke the news.

"Guys, he apologized," I announced quietly.

"He did what?!" Sadie exclaimed. Sadie was beyond ecstatic. She had always wanted me and Finn to be together, now we were getting a chance.

"Apologized! And shh! I don't want him to hear!" I scolded. Finn was sitting at the other end of our lunch table.

"I knew he'd come around but this is.. kinda random don't you think?" Grace asked. She was the most logical of our group. If you ever needed answers Grace was there.

"Yeah it was very strange to say the least, but maybe he really has changed?" I replied. We were not big fans of Finn after his responses to me back in September. Still, I had always hoped we would start being friendly again.

"Millie this is great! It's real again!" Iris squealed and grabbed my arm from across the table. Iris was one of the most supportive people in my friend group. She was always there for someone when they needed it and she never failed to make me laugh.

"I guess it is," I shrugged.

Did this mean Finn and I were going to start talking again? Did I actually have a chance again?

"You know soon, you'll be together and in loveeee," Sadie teased me.

"No we won't," I denied.

"You never know!" Grace said.

"The dance is only a few months away!" Iris added.

They were all right, but no one was expecting what was going to happen at the end of those few months, because we can't forget about Maddie now can we?


GUYS GUESS WHAT?! ONE: this book is done!!! ahhhh!!! (there's an epilogue don't worry) thank you sosososososo much for all the support i never in a million years thought that i could get 1K on one of my stories i love you all so much 💕💕💕 TWO: on this day one year ago the events that inspired this book occurred oh my god ahahahaha everyone that the characters are based off of have changed so much... anyway see y'all soon ily!! 💜💜

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