one ; a different fairytale

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i. a different fairytale

━ ❝ what he wasn't the bad guy? ❞

━ ❝ what he wasn't the bad guy? ❞

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PETER PAN WASN'T always evil. Now if anyone had ever said that aloud, that'd be lying to themselves. He was wicked, evil, arrogant. There wasn't a shred of good inside of his dark heart. At least that's what everyone believed. His perception of vicious games left innocent boys bruised and in tears. But with his cunning mind, Pan shaped them into warriors. These boys who didn't feel loved and were lost had become strong soldiers. He killed and tortured without remorse. Anyone who crossed him died at his hands. People just assumed he was born that way. Only a demon child could do the sinful things he did. But that wasn't the case.

Malcolm was his biological name. He was born in a wealthy kingdom where crops grew abundant and gold flourished. His mother was a kind woman who was ready to give her son the world. But that dream was stopped short when she died during childbirth. Malcolm's father was furious and had hated him. So through the years, Malcolm was abused. No child in the village wanted to play with him because of his father's reputation as the village drunk.

The kingdom he belonged to was the kingdom of Drishia. For years the kingdom had been prosperous from the line of Queens and Princesses that were born with powerful magic. Their magic was so powerful, that they were blessed with such beauty of a mermaid. However, on the inside, they were malicious. They married men of power and wealth, never one of poverty and weakness. Everyone knew what they were capable of, but no one cared. As long as they got what they wanted, they strayed from angering them. The Queen nor the Princess or Princesses ever harmed the villagers and were always kind, unless provoked. And if they were, they made sure that the person never saw the light of day.

In Malcolm's generation, the King of Drishia was King Leo, married to Queen Ivy. The marriage was just a mere joint deal that stated that if the two married, the kingdom Leo previously lived in would be saved from collapsing. Now, Ivy's mother would've declined if she hadn't realized that if she and her daughter saved the kingdom, they'd rule that kingdom as well. So their power would multiple. With Ivy's power, Leo's kingdom was saved and he moved to Drishia to rule. Only a year had passed when the two bore a daughter. If it was a son, he would've been thrown out because having a son would be no use to the family line seeing as he would not inherit the magic.

Arabella was their daughter's name. Her beauty matched her mother's, perhaps even surpassed it. Brown hair flowed together so smoothly, flowing down to the middle of her back. Her green eyes were soft, yet piercing when she was angry. The way she moved was ever so graceful, it put sirens to shame. Her voice was melodic, an accent seeping through when she was cross. Yet, it was noticeable when she spoke normally, you would just have to listen closely. At times it was obvious, others not so much. Her kindness never went ignored: making flowers grow with a wave of her hand, healing young child after a fall, or even making food appear on the villagers' tables.

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