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The sound of flesh hitting punching bag and out of breath sighs filled the cool lit training room.

Aurora stood in the center beating the crap out of a freshly hug punching bag. A punching bag that was sure to soon meet its death and find itself in a pile of split punching bags in the corner.

Beads of sweat rolled down Aurora's face. She didn't sweat easily, but with the activity she had been doing for the past two hours, lets just say, she was a wee bit tired. Her hair was pulled up into a careless ponytail, sweat tendrils sticking to the side of her face.

Holding the punching bag steady and readying herself for another round of fierce blows, Aurora's eyes widened when she heard a voice resound through the room.

"So this is what you do during your free time? Sexy."

Aurora's head whipped up the the entrance of the training room to find a showered and new clothed Lumos standing there, with his arms crossed.

Aurora rolled her eyes and didn't bother to respond, taking out her emotions on the punching bag once again.

"No seriously, is this what you do?" Lumos inquisitive voice came out again.

This made Aurora frown and pause, holding the once kinetic punching bag still. Looking over the attractive man, Aurora asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean let's be real here Aurora, what's you purpose here. You do jack shit all day. You're like a plotless wattpad book written by a thirteen year old." Lumos walked forward, until he was a few feet away from Aurora.

"Well I'm Alpha Blaze's mate I guess." Aurora responded unsure. Furrowing her brows at what Lumos was making her question, Aurora landed a harsh blow against the punching bag again.

"Stop." Lumos voice echoed throughout the room and his muscled arm reached out and grabbed the bag and made it still, as if it weighed nothing.

Aurora sighed and looked from her water bottle back.

"Listen, what do you want?" Aurora looked expectedly at Lumos.

Stepping closer to Aurora, "It just seems that you're waisting your time here."

"Aren't you supposed to be guiding me? Not away from my mate?"

Lumos sighed, "I've been trying but you've been ignoring me for the past two weeks so...."

Aurora just scoffed and moved onto the weights. She grabbed a 15 pounder and easily started to pump them up and down at a 90 degree angle.

"Just let me work out."

Aurora finished 5 sets of her weight training, and blew out while making larger swing circles, loosening her arms.

"Okay let's cut to it- You seemed depressed." Lumps blankly stated.

An annoyed look crossed Aurora's face, "You wanna really know?"

"Yes, darling. After all I'm supposed to be taking care of you-"

"I don't need anyone to to take care of me!" Aurora interrupted. Lumos raised his brows. Aurora took a deep huff in.

"You were right!" Aurora admitted, "I have been here for what? Three months? My only friends are a six year old and my cousin's mate. I've been freeloading here, training, eating, and sleeping. I don't know why the hell Blaze keeps me here! We haven't even tried consummating the mate bond and he doesn't seem to want to. The only norm we had was a month ago when he was trying to teach my how to control my wolf. I've figured that out, and now I never even see him. He might as well be avoiding me."

Aurora wasn't out of breath from her work out, she was out of breath from her long rant to Lumos. Her chest heaved up and down.

"Ah, and that is exactly why I'm here" Lumos calmly said.

"What?" Aurora questioned, still panting from her long rant.

"Well, we all know I'm here to protect you, and its basic knowledge that two mates are unable to live without each other. Unfortunately your abilities don't change that. If I want to keep you living, then I need you to be with your mate. That's my goal." Lumos explained, with a proud smile on his face, as if he were content with the way he spoke.

Aurora stared at him for a second.

Or two.

"So you're my personal cupid?"

Lumos's face dropped and his features pulled into a scowl. 

"On the contrary, I'll be doing the exact opposite." Lumos reasoned.

"What do you mean?" Aurora asked, thoroughly confused.

"I mean, in order to bring towards you, he has to see someone else putting a claim on what's his."

"I'm not his possession." Aurora defiantly said.

Lumos smiled fondly, "Don't worry I know. All I'm saying is that I'm here to make Blaze jealous."

Aurora blankly stared at him, "That's it. You descended from heaven or the fucking moon or whatever, to make Blaze jealous?"

Lumos gave Aurora a look, "That's not my only purpose. I'm also here to train you and teach you techniques that no other wolf can. I'm here to mold you into the strongest warrior alive."

Aurora's eyes widened, "Umm, let's slow down. Why do I need to be so strong? Last time I checked I do jack shit all day."

Lumos worriedly sighed, "There's something coming, Aurora. Something bad. Something I fear you'll only be able to stop."

Lumos was about to continue when he saw Blaze rounding the corner into the training room. Blaze had a towel and water bottle in hand, taking out his ear buds. 

As Lumos watched him, his eyes lit up.

"Perfect opportunity..." He goofily smiled.

About to make a move, he paused, and quickly said, "This means nothing."

And with a wink, he planted his lips on Aurora's, just as Blaze's eyes lifted on the pair.

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