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003. ❛ visiting.

WALKING THROUGH A FACILITY WITH SECURITY THAT CHECKED FELICIA'S MOTHER FOR ANY WEAPONS, WAS REALLY NERVE-WRACKING. ALTHOUGH SHE NEVER EXPECTED TO BE THERE TODAY VISITING HER HUSBAND. Even that word felt foreign to her because Walter faltered and strayed away from who she met when they were younger. He wasn't the man that had promised her that he was going to take her to paradise, or the man that bought her little trinkets for a single kiss from her. Suddenly all the fights that the pair had, ran through her head almost on replay as she approximated the visiting area where she would meet her husband. And once she saw him, the only thing she could think of was Felicia. Of how their love had created a better life for them, even if it did last for a moment. When she was born, it was the only thing that seemed to calm all fights and unified them together. However, their sweet child couldn't save them now.

Every single cell in her body was urging her to run and walk away from the man that had lied to her and let her down in countless ways. That if she could get away now that the hole in her heart wouldn't hurt as much, or that she would be better off without seeing him. But, her feet kept walking straight towards Walter and didn't seem to stop. Mind over matter was what Lydia always kept in mind, yet her heart was winning the fight.

Pulling out the chair, Lydia took a seat before pulling it inward to face Walter. Her eyes racked over every little ounce of his being to find that his face were lined up with bruises. Countless bags had appeared under his eyes, and his hair looked slightly greasy from the the way that the light was shining at them. A small stubble was starting to grow. Even his blue prison inmate attire made her gain goosebumps in all the possible places. She wanted to desperately take him into her arms, and forgive him for the faults he had committed. Seeing him bruised up before her made her weak, and having him as a weakness wasn't what she intended nor was she going to let him be it because through all the love that she had in her heart, the pain that resulted for it outweighed any other emotion at this point.

"Hey, sweetheart. Aren't you a sight for sore eyes?" Walter beckoned with his hand reaching out to grab hers, only for it to retreat to her lap. He bit his lower lip as he pulled back his hand getting the message and understanding what Lydia could have been feeling.

He tapped his fingers on the metallic table, trying to fill up the silence that resonated between the two. The horrors that he had been living through served him right for stealing, but hearing that his visitor was one other than his wife made him have hope that he could make it out for his family. He was perfectly fine with seeing her, but as he sat in this moment he wanted to reach out to her and hold her close one more time. Even if Lydia didn't reciprocate those feelings anymore,

"How's my little girl? Is she doing good?" Walter asked to only be responded by a nod from her. "When I heard that you were here, I was beyond happy. You have no idea how much I've missed you and Felicia, Lyds. I get that I did wrong and that I deserve what I've been sentenced to, but knowing that you two are on the other side waiting for me—"

"We aren't waiting for you." Lydia interrupted him, speaking for the first time. Looking up to see his sadden eyes at her statement, put a crack in her heart but she knew that if she wanted to give Felicia a better life that she had to let Walter go.

"What do you mean, Lyds?"

"I mean that if I want to— If we want to fulfill the hope of giving Felicia a better life, then we have to let you go." She sniffled, and only then did she let Walter hold her hand for it being the last time that she'd touch him.

"Lydia, baby. I'm going to make this up to you. To Felicia as well. We can get passed this." Walter urged while their hands hugged each other. "I can't live without either of you in my life."

"I know you can't," Lydia smiled before putting on a brave face and swallowing all her hurt. "But we lost one daughter before and I'm not losing this one."

Lydia wipes her tears away rather quickly, and wanted to escape and say goodbye to the only love of her life. Before she could get away, his arm grabbed hers and caught her attention. She looked up once more at him, and saw the pleading look in his eye. The one that told her to stay with him, to talk this out. Although it was pretty clear in Lydia's mind that it wasn't going to change.

"Can I at least get a kiss goodbye?" Walter asked as one single tear drop fell from his eye.

She put her lips into a thin line before approaching his lips, and planting the last kiss that the two would ever have. His crusty lips moved against hers while he held her close for the last time before she would walk away from his life forever. Pulling her closer into him made her fall even further into his spell, but she knew if she was going to make it out and never come back, she had to end it now.
She pushed off from his chest, taking in his hands one more time.
Walter placed a kiss on their unified hands before Lydia walked away with their hands still connected, and each finger separating from his as he also walked away not before shouting those three words.

"I love you."


sorry if this isn't a chapter with Felicia in it but it sets up for the story later on. but it gives insight on Felicia's parents that aren't really in depth in the comics.
I really love their relationship although it's not so great.
And perhaps who knows? Maybe we'll see them later on.

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