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"So, were there any cute guys in the Big Apple?" Luca grinned as Sera slid into the booth seat next to Micah, who threw his hand around her shoulders. Sera had finished her shift for the day, so she sat in her uniform with an old sweater thrown on top. She sipped on her chocolate milkshake and smiled slightly awkwardly.

"Well, there were plenty, but none of them really stuck out to me." She responded with a soft chuckle, and Luca scoffed, kicking her leg, eager for more. Sera rolled her eyes playfully and kicked her back, before smacking her lips. "Well, there was this one guy who was quite the character."

"Can't you save this for girl time?" Micah groaned. Sera nudged him with her elbow, and he pulled a face at her. If anyone walked past when those two were together, many would immediately think they were a couple due to their adorable interactions, but that wasn't the case at all. Though both young adults had ~romantically~ liked each other at some point in their lives, they had agreed not to sacrifice their friendship for something that wouldn't last. 

"Who was the one guy?" Luca interrupted the two friends with a wild smile on her face. Her hand clasped Bobby's tightly, but the blond boy appeared to be accustomed to her enthusiastic antics. The spectacled youth sipped on his water and mouthed along to the music softly playing throughout the diner. He was extremely handsome, and he was the most introverted of the group. It wasn't a surprise that he wasn't one for parties or lavish events, he'd rather sit at home watching the Simpsons and eat popcorn. He was a passionate animal rights activist and enjoyed road trips, photography and art, which was why he and Sera got along so well. 

He was almost a polar opposite to Luca, who was bubbly and confident, usually committing herself to sports and organising get-togethers. She was an absolute stunner, Sera had been openly jealous of her looks since they were children. She was a loyal and considerate friend, and was full of love and happiness. She and Bobby had started to date when the group were in eleventh grade, so they had been together for quite a few years. They had their stark differences, but nonetheless, the pair balanced each other out and had constantly proved to be the most in-love and most supportive couple in all of Chicago. 

"He called himself Tony...Stark? I think that was his name." Sera responded, fiddling with her red and white straw with a hint of a smile on her face. She looked up at Luca, who was grinning excitedly, the gears already churning in her head. The woman had been trying to find Sera a partner since they were in middle school, but it was extremely difficult considering the blonde's stubborn attitude and pessimistic outlook on everything. "He was cute, we went out for dinner the day before I left, but I made the mistake in telling him where I'm from, and now he's here."

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