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Candace sat in the car parked in the parking lot of the small flower shop Lynola worked at on the weekdays. She tried her best to encourage herself to go in there and face her mother, but she just couldn't muster up the strength. Tapping her fingers against the steering wheel of the car, she watched as a tall caucasian man left the flower shop while sticking a white envelope into the inner pocket of his sports jacket.

He was the last customer that had been into the flower shop and Candace knew the coast was clear for her to enter. Candace had been out here for hours. After dropping Ai'Milan at cheer practice and her eldest son, Ejace at basketball tryouts, she had nothing but time on her hands.

Pulling down her visor, she looked into the mirror checking out her face. She hoped that it didn't showcase any signs of distress to her mother.

She had been procrastinating for a while which resulted to her wiping all her makeup off. For situations like such, she always kept beauty wipes in her car so her face was bare and the slight bruises on her face were evident, but not to evident.

Taking the travel size foundation she had stored in her purse, she blended it in nicely underneath her eye covering the small scratch she had. Looking over her face again she was finally sufficed.

Opening the car door, she stepped out causing the wind to sway the bottom of her whimsical summer dress. Shutting the car door, Candace took a deep breath in preparing herself for what she was about to endure.

Dreadfully, Candace approached the entrance of the flower shop. She placed her hand onto the door handle reluctantly pushing it open.

Too late to back out now.

She heard the chimes that hung above the door sing soothingly. The aroma of fresh soil and picked flowers picked up in Candace's nose. She looked around the shop seeing varieties of different floral decor in all different colors, sizes and assortments. The clean glistening floors gave off her reflection when she looked down at her feet, noticing that on the tiles were small distinctive flowers sprouting and every direction, leading the customers to different flowers that were labeled.

"Welcome to Flower Fantasies, we just grew some Hibiscuses, and I hope you're interested." An older Spanish woman stood at the register with a pink smock on that held gardening tools. Her hair was down in a low hanging ponytail that stopped right above her rear. The slight middle part she put in her wavy tresses allowed the new growing grey hairs that were producing to show. She had silky smooth skin that showcased that she was definitely gorgeous while she was younger.

Her dark red lipstick that she stained her full lips with went well with the red shirt that she had folded at the brim of her sleeves, that she paired nicely with a vintage pair of loose fitting high waisted blue jeans.

Following the trail of sunflowers that were engraved into the tiles, Candace arrived at the register. "Hi, I'm actually not looking to buy flowers, I was wondering if Lynola Amreeyell was around?" Candace knew that Lynola was somewhere in the swamp full of flowers. Candace drove past this flower shop every morning on the way to dropping Ejace and Ai'Milan to school and she always saw her mother flipping the closed sign to open.

The kids never grew up around Lynola so even if they saw her in public, they wouldn't acknowledge her.

But for Candace, she knew her mother, and she couldn't deal with the fact that she had been riding past this flower shop for years knowing she was inside, but always avoided the confrontation that was bound to come upon them.

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