Ace's P.O.V. 20

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"Wake up" I say poking Kade's cheek. He slaps my hand away and turns away from me. I do it again trying to wake him up.

"Ace, stop. I'm trying to sleep."

"I'm not tired"

"I can tell, but I am. Now, leave me alone."

"Baby, please." He groans and turns to face me.

"Ace, I already said I'm tired. I am not getting up for another few hours."

"Kade, it's 1 in the afternoon"

"How impressive, you can tell time." he answers sarcastically fixing himself and closing his eyes. I groan and lay back in bed.

"See that was easy." He says snuggling into my side, his arm wrapped around me.

"You're lucky I love you, because if I didn't your ass would've been out hours ago." He laughs against my side making me want to push him off the side of the bed.

"I want to spend my day in bed, Ace."

"Fine, only for you" I say kissing the top of his head. Kade is quickly asleep and I can hear his breathing steady minutes later.

Kade and I have now been dating for a month. A month of glory with him. I don't care what anyone says, but Kade is perfect. Everything about him makes my heart skip. Waking up to him whether it's at his place or like now, at mine is the best feeling in the world. I had waited almost 11 years for this and now I know how it feels to have the person you've loved for so long lay next to you. It doesn't matter if we're just laying around in our place, or just cleaning the messes we make, it all brings a smile to my face.

I love seeing his pissed off at things I do that annoy him. The petty arguments we have to make me happy as sad as that sounds. All around I have to say that this month together has been the best month I have ever had in my 28 years of existence.

Thinking of all the things we have done this month has me drifting into a deep sleep. When I wake up again I check the time to see it's almost 5 in the afternoon. Looking to my side I see Kade is nowhere near me. I stretch and then walk out of my room. Walking down the hall I can smell something that smells extremely good. My stomach was growling and I needed to eat something before I died. When I get down to the kitchen Kade had the table full of food and a plate covered. I quickly make my way to it ready to check what was under it only to get slapped on my hand.


"No touching."

"What's under there?"

"Something" Vague Kade is back.

"Is it to eat?"

"Of course, Ace." He rolls his eyes and walks back to the counter and picks up two flutes filled with champagne

"What are we celebrating?" I ask confused.

"Now you can check the plate" I happily pick up the top off the plate and glance down smiling.

"Now you can check the plate" I happily pick up the top off the plate and glance down smiling

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"My birthday isn't until tomorrow"

"I know, but it's Monday tomorrow and I thought it would be best to celebrate it tonight. I know we're going out for dinner with Mason and Adri, because it's a tradition for you guys and I don't want to break it for you." I grin and pull him against me kissing his lips. He smiles into the kiss and then pulls away.

"Do you like it?" He asks shyly.

"Anything you do baby, I love." he grins and kisses me this time.

We eat what Kade ordered, enjoying the quiet dinner. We kiss in between talk and make jokes, me the most. I just love teasing him.

"What about dessert?" I ask teasingly.

"What about it? You just ate it." I grin pulling Kade onto my lap.

"What if I want another type of dessert tonight?" I ask running my hands up his shirt.

"Ace" he whimpers out looking into my eyes.

"I want to have sex" I say bluntly making Kade's cheek go a deep red.

"It's cute that you still get all red and uncomfortable at the topic with me." He unintentionally grinds on me which earns a moan. I lean my head on his chest and smell him. I pull him against my chest and smile.

"Come on, let's pick this mess up." I try to pull Kade away but he resisted.


"I want to have sex with you" He shyly mumbles.

"We don't have to."

"What if I say I've been fantasizing about this and I really want to try one of that flavored lube, Maze got us?" I laugh making Kade get more embarrass.

"Baby, you could've said something earlier." I say and kiss his red cheek.

"I was scared?"

"So, sex?" I laugh once I say it. Kade doesn't say anything and kisses me instead. He's eager, horny and ready for anything tonight by the way his hands are moving around my body. He pulls away for a few seconds pulling my shirt over my head. He's like a rock down south and that turns me on, even more, knowing I'm doing this to him.

"Wait, let's make it to the bed"

"Fuck the bed, I have a-ahhhhh, lube in here" He moans standing up and pulling me with him. Lips pressed together as he walks backs to a cabinet. He opens it and pulls out a grape flavor lube. He places it on the counter and before I know it my pants are by my ankle and Kade is kissing me all the way down...........

Well, that led somewhere. Lol, thoughts on a Kade who's turned on? Ace? I think Ace was really surprised by the outcome of the night. Not sure when I'll update next. I was supposed to write today for another story and I have spent all day writing a new story I posted this early morning. 

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