Velvet Cake

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Fan Cover by @amariewriting

Most of these chapters will be written in Julie's point of view. But there will be some in Ashton's.

Julie's pov:

Okay, let me tell you I am definitely not a fan of long car trips.

Before I begin my rant, let me introduce myself, my name is Julie Wells and I am on my way to the 'Golden State' California.

My dads' work got moved so now I am traveling, by car, with my mom, dad, and little brother who hasn't stopped spinning his fidget spinner for the last hour, Jake.

"Mom watch my fidget spinner!!" he excitedly shouts with a huge grin.

Why do little boys have so much energy?

Correction, why do little boys have so much energy when we have been in a car for eight hours since the last hotel?

My mom just glances back in the
mirror because she gets car sick.

Fun fact, I get my car sickness from her.

Also fun fact, if I have to turn my head to my brother one more time, I might get a shock.

This means I won't be able to control my body parts and there will be a high possibility someone might get punched in the face.

But, you never know.

It somehow always happens when I am annoyed with someone.

I guess the body has a mind of its own.


Eh, not my problem.

I plug in my favorite blue earplugs in and watch as we enter my new home, California.




"Fresh air!!' I scream when we finally pull up at our house.

It was a nice brick house, there wasn't a lot of yard space between us with the neighbors though... that is going to get annoying.

But I didn't feel like judging right now because I was too focused on running into the yard and planting myself in the grass.

"Oh how I missed grass!! Beautiful, soft grass-..."

"Julie, put that grass down and stop being over dramatic." My dad says rolling his eyes at me as our moving truck pulls in on the road in front of our yard.

"Yea Julie!! Stop being o-" Jake starts to mock but my mom pulls his arm into the house giving the look like 'I have no time to deal with people right now.'

Don't we all have those days.

Except mine is every, single, existing day.

I take out one of the books that I wasn't able to read in the car because of my carsickness, and head to one of the bedrooms that would be mine.

"First one on the left!!!" My mom yells from somewhere downstairs. This is a two storied house with the kitchen, living room, and stuff like that on the first floor, and all the bedrooms on the second.

I looked around my new room to see it has a good size. It's definitely gonna need re-painted and jazzed up a little bit, but it will do.

Well, until I'm in college. The first three weeks of my junior year passed, which is just great, and now I'm gonna be that lost student in the hall way probably going into the wrong classrooms and embarrassing myself in front of everyone.

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