Chapter 58 - Parades & Blades

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Chris and Steve were lucky to have that day to themselves as the following day, Chris was pulled into all sorts work needed by as a royal

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Chris and Steve were lucky to have that day to themselves as the following day, Chris was pulled into all sorts work needed by as a royal. She barely even saw Steve that day as she was rushed from meeting to meeting since sunrise.

It wasn't until midday when she was rushed to change into a better dress for a celebratory parade that she crossed paths with him, on her way to her room. She flashed a warm smile moments before she entered her room, and he had lost track of his sentence as he spoke to guards, her movements slowing down in his eyes as he took her in. He never let himself forget what it was like to be around her when she wasn't angry with everything, because he liked reminding himself what to look forward to.

You'd think that a man who's in love with a queen would be jealous that his best friend, whom he is yet to communicate with, was also in love with the same woman, and perhaps the feeling was reciprocal. A small part of him had been at the start, when he read Bucky's letter addressed to Chris, but then most of him was glad that it hadn't been anyone else. It was proof that Bucky was on the road to recovery and that Chris was in good hands.

It had been another twenty minutes inside before all the highest ranking soldiers and survivors of the battle were ushered our onto the streets to be greeted by civilians and thanked for their services, followed after by the queen herself and those close to her, such as Bruce and a limping Nat.

"You should have stayed indoors, look at you," Chris told her as they came out of the room, looping her arm through the other's to give her support to walk.

"What, and miss out on a parade on another planet? No chance." She scoffed, shaking her head. "But I'll get the chance to be treated when we return tomorrow."

"Yeah, um, actually, before we go out, I wanted to speak to you privately because we haven't actually spoken privately," Chris said, slowing down their walk until they stopped, Natasha raising a brow at her to continue. "I wanted to apologize for the way I handled things. Nearly dying made me realise I was just being really petty, and it would be wrong for me to not say sorry for the way I embarrassed you at the SHIELD base and um, you know, I guess I was just jealous and angry and they are things that don't really mix well with one another and I was pro-"

"Chris," Nat cut her off with a small laugh, shaking her head an giving her hand a light squeeze. "You don't have to apologize for anything. I'd be angry too, I think I'd actually probably try and kill you."

"To be fair, you could kill me and I'd thank you for it in my last words," she joked, lifting the mood a little before her smile disappeared again. "I need you to give this Steve when you arrive on Earth," she continued speaking, pulling out a letter from the folds of her dress and handing them to Nat.

"When I arrive?" Nat questioned before nodding her head with realisation, looking down at the letter at hand. "You're not coming with us."

"My people need me here," Chris began to explain. "They've just recovered through a war that's been going on for over 24 years. I feel like I need to be here to at least watch them stabilise. And you know, this is my home, I..." She shrugged as she couldn't find the words to explain that felt she needed to be here. Nat simply offered a smile of understanding, placing the letter in her dress.

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