News... again... good news tho😜😅

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•first of this is long so ill tell you when to skip if dont wanna hear about My life and My bullshit and anlo about the story and the opdates haha😅

Hey Everyone.
Sooo Ive been thinking about writing about writing again ayyyy😄🙌 hehehe😂
Soooo Yeah i Think Ive gotten some new ideas in My darkiplier story.
Its going to be a lil' different Than What i had planned to begin with SO....

Im talking about the septiplier smut i talked about in the begin of this 'Updates book' so That Well be cancelled - meaning ill pull it out
-If you do want it thi ill Maybe publish it Aside of this book 'the darkiplier book' and put it in another book - if you want Me to do That just write "Yes plz" or What ever Ruth on this bold text here, so i know What you're talking about Lel😊😜😅😂

Also it might take longer now for Me to publish the story BECAUSE...
I planned on making the "intro" short
And with "intro" i mean before Dark actually appears/comes into the story...
I had made it so That he was gonna appear in like the 2 chapter i Think/believe BUT... now i feel like i kinda want it to like.. "build up"

Idk If you are a person Who likes story That builds up and it takes long for the story to get into action or if you like short "foreplay" But i feel like it would make it better to let things build up to like.. Create an atmosphere (Idk How to spell lol, plz Bear with me haha😜😂)
So it doesnt escilate TOO quickly...

•skip from here #LifeBullshitAlert
(More Update forward tho so dont leave just yet!!😜😂)•

So if you're wondering about the last author not i read or *wrote*
Yes, i am doing better.
And My depression is.. kinda doing better.
Sooo Yeah, things are going kinda good actually quite well. Im soon going on vacation, af of next week, friday next week is My last Day.
And Im going on summer Camp again the same one Ive been to the last 5 years i believe and Im gonna meet My friends there and have a good time, and lots of fun😊

After vacation Im moving to a new School sence i hate the School Ive been in sence i fucking started there (which was when i was 6. Yes, Im in middel School.) (Also Excuse the language btw, also this is not a family friendly account so if you a Young kid Who cant take sweating.... plz leave now😂
Because Im not going to stop, in sorry But Ive tried to stop But failed... miserably😂 Its a bad habbit lol😂 (and No nit hobbit But *HAbbit lol sorry, had to hahaha😜😅😂)

Anyway as i was saying Yes in moving to a new School, where Im gonna be 24/7.... or 24/5 all depending on whether or not i wanna go home to My parrents on weekends or if i want to Stay there😜😂
And Im actually a bit excited, i was nervous and uneasy to begin with But after i was up there for a "new students Day" and meet some people i was more Secure. There was this one Girl Who was really really kind and made Me feel move loved than any of My irl friends ever have, She called Me Beaty as a 'Nickname' or somethin, and it made Me feel speciel, for once in forever...
(Im sorry.... plz dont hate Me😆😆😂)
She was so Nice and a felt like a little fire spark inside Me, i felt happy, really happy, and i havent felt Real happiness in so long and the fire/flame within Me That i though was almost fucking gone and like basically Nothing Got lit (again)😊
Yes Yes i know😎🔥 Its lit bruh haha loool😂)
She Healed Me and i barely know her, i know her name and some other things from when we all introdused ourselves/selfs.. But i cant remember sooo...😆😂

Anyway so Im really excited for That❤️

•Start from here life bullshit is over😜😂😂

And i Will try to actually write this time, and stop making darn excuses for all My laziness looool!😂
And actually get off ny lazy ass...
Ive been Reading ALOT! Of fanfics myself so Thats Why I havent been writing and in sorry plz forgive Me.

So Idk if Im going to releasethe first chapter (like ive been promising for ages now)
Ofc Im gonna publish it But Idk if Im gonna do it now or wait alittle Because of- Yeah resons - about the story - the once i Said before...
So ill try and get back to writing and ill let you know when Im ready to pulish the first chapter of the book.

Btw as of the Angel reader goes Im trying to write on it too and trying to find some ideas so Its 'on hold' for now😉😊

{Omg Its fucking *checks time* about 10 minuts before midnight. shit😅😂}
Actually about 00:35 when i Got done answearing old commets on this book, and edited this bc i forgot some stuff and things hehe, it happen😅😜😂

Last thing Im thinking about a Q&A or something so you guys Can get to know me, so if you want to know something about or would like to ask Me something ask away and ill answear all
(Sence i prob wont get many haha😅😂) comment in another chapter In this😊

So i Think That was all for now, Thanks all you lovely and amazing peoplez for Reading and listening to My bullshit rambling and ill see you in the next Update... BUH-BYE👋😅😁😂
(Sorry But it Seemed like a good idea to make That right there lol sorry haha!!😂😂)

~ Line💖

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