Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 –

Alexia’s POV

I’ve woken up in the hospital wing a number of times since I started at Hogwarts but never before have I woken up to an hospital wing, there isn’t a soul in here. I would normally think I was having a nightmare but everything seems too real. I slowly sit up and swing my legs off the bed; the floor is cool on my feet, I use the bed as support to help me stand. There is a loud commotion outside the main door and I hear Madam Pomfrey yelling at the group outside and by the sounds of it, it’s my idiot friends but the question is which ones? Most likely James and Sirius seeing as Lily and Remus aren’t as likely to break the rules but what about the copper haired girl I know that I’ve seen her somewhere but I can’t put a finger to it. “Every morning for the past two weeks you have come to check up on her, I’ll tell you all when she wakes up.” Madam Pomfrey shouts.

Two weeks? I’ve been out that long? But I’m awake which means that they can come in or at least know I’m awake. I let go of the bed and take two steps before my knees give way and I come crashing to the ground. I hear James say. “Sounds like she’s awake.” And then four people burst through the door three are expected James, Sirius, Madam Pomfrey but the copper haired girl is there as well.

“At last sleeping beauty awakes.” The girl says, James Sirius and I all give her strange looks. What the hell is a sleeping beauty? “Muggle fairy tale.” She says as if she is reading my mind.

Sirius helps me up from the ground and I sit back up on the bed. “I know this sounds really rude, but who are you?” I ask.

The boys crack up laughing but she just brushes it aside. “My names Artemis and they’re laughing at you because I’m the seeker on your Quiditch team and we’ve shared the same dorm room for a year.”

“Umm Arty you also left out the fact that you’re the reason we got in trouble for a whole bunch of pranks that you preformed last year.” Sirius says wiping the tears from his eyes, it’s not even that funny that I can be stupid sometimes!

“Don’t call me Arty.” Artemis shouts.

“Alright now I know who you are the crazy American girl who came last year but you weren’t here at the start of the year.”

“Well there may or may not have been some troubles regarding my brother wanting me to go back to my old school to get to the end really quickly I managed to convince my brother to let me come back. I think he’s worried about the fact that you know who is in the UK.”

“He should be.” I say gritting my teeth everyone gives me an odd look and I’m kind of glad that madam Pomfrey isn’t in here or she would probably send me to Dumbledore.

“Cool well I kind of wish I could get transferred to Pigfarts so then I didn’t have to worry about you know who.” Artemis says.

“Pigfarts? What is that?” James asks looking quite confused, I’m fairly confused as well but I’m trying not to show it.

“Pigfarts is only the greatest wizarding school in the galaxy, the headmaster Rumbleroar is a lion… who can talk. By the way it’s on Mars so you need a rocket ship to get there.”

“Oh my god I want to go to Pigfarts.” I say.

“Lex it’s not real.” Sirius says.

“How dare you.” Artemis and I both shout. “Werid.” We both say again. “Stop that.” Really? “Okay no talking from now.” Everyone stays silent for a few minutes but I start getting bored. “This is boring.” We both say. “Stop it!”

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