Chapter Seventeen

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Chapter Seventeen

I woke up frowning. It was raining.

‘Sarah, I believe I will have to be dressed warmly today’ I said unhappily

She chuckled ‘Are you not fond of cold days, miss?’

‘Not at all. There isn’t a thing I can do during them! I must sit inside all day. How unappealing!’

Sarah laughed ‘Well then, if you put it like that, miss, I see what you mean. Now, which dress shall it be today?’

‘How about my maroon one? The warm dress. With my shawl.’

‘Of course, miss.’

Sarah helped me change do my hair.

‘Now, you’d best go down for breakfast, miss. I believe cook has made some porridge.’

I sighed ‘Thank you, Sarah’

I walked into the breakfast room to find that Lucas had not yet come down. I quietly got my porridge and sat opposite Lord Patrick.

‘I’m going away for a while’ he said after a few minuted of silence

‘Away?’ I asked

‘Yes,’ he replied gruffly ‘for a week. Lucas has agreed to stay here to keep a watch on you.’

‘How… generous of him’

‘If I hear you’ve been up to any funny business, I can guarantee a swift punishment will be delivered. Is that understood?’

I nodded slowly.

‘Good. Stay here until Lucas comes. I am leaving.’

‘Good bye, Lord Patrick’

He walked out and I couldn’t help but be relieved.

Lucas POV


I have been doing what I can to find out more about your Catherine.

So far, I have discovered that she was quite well off; her mother was from a wealthy family. Nothing that you did not already know. What I ask is what about her father? Who is he? For I cannot find out anything about him.

Surely her mother would not have a child without marrying- for she would be ruined if that were the case. So what happened to him?

Forgive me, I must go. But I shall keep searching.

Your friend,


I sighed and rubbed my eyes. Liam was right. What of her father? I did not know who he was. I groaned. Patrick must have gone by now. I stood up and went downstairs to the breakfast room and found Cat by herself.

‘Has Patrick left?’ I asked

She nodded and smiled tightly.

I sat opposite her after getting some porridge cook must have made.

‘What do you intend on doing today?’ I asked

She sighed. ‘I haven’t a clue.’

I smirked ‘Are cold days not to your liking?’

‘Not at all’ she said with a huff. I laughed

‘Why ever not?!’

‘Well, you cannot do anything! You can’t go outside and it’s terribly cold!’

I laughed for a second time

‘Don’t you agree?’ she asked

‘On the contrary, I find cold days very appealing.

‘How so?’

‘Well, you can sit in front of the fire with a nice, hot cocoa and relax. It’s much nicer than a hot day where everyone is terribly warm.’

‘Oh dear, I do not think we will be able to agree on this.’

‘Absolutely not’

‘Well then, shall we settle on the fact that they both have benefits?’

‘As you wish’ I said, smiling broadly.

We sat in a comfortable silence for a while before I spoke

‘Cat, I need to ask you a question’ I said seriously

She looked up, surprised.

‘Yes? What is it?’

‘Who is your father?’

Catherine POV

I stared at him, shocked. How on earth did he know? I knew he would realise he was absent, but so soon? I was not ready to tell him.

‘He- er- is…um, away?’ I said, stumbling over my words.

One of his eyebrows rose. ‘Away?’

‘Er- yes. Away.’

‘Where is he?’

‘I- er- do not… know. Presently.’

He looked at me for a while.

‘Very well then. I have some business to attend to. I shall be in my room if you need me.’

‘Yes, thank you.’ I mumbled, relieved. Lucas stood and left. Good Lord. That was very close.

Too close.

Lucas POV

I sat down at my library desk and picked up a pen.


I believe your suspicions are correct. It has something to do with her father. I asked her where her father is, but she seemed to be lying when she told me he was ‘away’. But why would she lie?

Thank you for your help, my friend. I am forever in your debt.


I sealed it and gave it to Roger to send. I had to find out why Catherine would not tell me the truth. Why was she so secretive?

And how deep were those secrets?

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