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Lauren's cold had passed after a few days, and thankfully, Camila had never caught it. Although the girl was usually very well behaved, Lauren didn't know what she'd do if the baby got sick as well.

This didn't exactly mean everything was well though, since Lauren was still stressing over the soon approaching visit from her mother. And unfortunately, Camila was beginning to catch on.

As a result, Camila hadn't been feeling very little the past two days, which actually felt quite nice. More than anything, she liked how easily she could go from little to big, and how comfortable she felt with Lauren in both mindsets.

The small girl made her way towards the office, a bowl of popcorn in her hand.

"Lo?" She asked, knocking on the door before peering in.

"Hey sweetheart" Lauren said, not taking her eyes off the computer.

Camila shook her head playfully, plopping down on the chair opposite Lauren's desk.

"What are you doing?" She asked, stuffing a handful of the snack in her mouth.

"Just setting a few things up for an event with Keana, I see you made a snack" she chuckled, resting back against her chair and slumping down in it.

"Uh huh" Camila mumbled, her voice muffled by the food in her mouth.

"Wow, I'm raising such a proper lady" Lauren laughed, playfully rolling her eyes.

"Oh shush" Camila giggled as soon as she'd swallowed the food, throwing a piece at the woman across from her.

"Excuse me! You come into my office just to throw food at me?" Lauren gaped, throwing the piece back.

"Yup!" Camila laughed, throwing three pieces this time.

"Ha!" Lauren chuckled, catching one of them in her mouth.

"You're such a dork" Lauren laughed, watching Camila try and catch one in her mouth as well, but failing miserably.

"I'm actually a champion at popcorn catching, you should see all my trophies" the smaller girl smiled, huffing when another piece hit her cheek.

"Oh please" Lauren smiled.

"I'm serious, you should be honored to even be in my presence!" Camila giggled, missing another piece as it came down.

"Oh yeah? So I'm guessing your on break right now then?" Lauren smiled, amused at the girl's story.

"Yup, I made so much money I went into retirement, so now I'm a little rus- Ha!" She laughed, smiling widely when she finally got one.

Lauren stood up, clapping slowly before slumping back down in her chair.

"What are we doing today?" Camila asked, giving up on throwing the snack and settling for eating it normally, which for her, meant stuffing her mouth.

"I was planning on working, but I'm honestly sick of being cooped up in here, even though it's only been like three hours" Lauren chuckled, stretching out her limbs.

"Well can we go explore outside? I haven't really been out there since we saw the ducks a few weeks ago" Camila pouted, setting aside her now empty bowl.

"Sure kid, we can have a little picnic if you'd like, it's almost time for dinner" Lauren shrugged, taking a quick look at her watch.

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