"Edward? Are you okay?" Bella asked, her voice hysterical.

"I'm okay, for the most part," I answered, looking at my mangled shoulder. I was bleeding and probably would need surgery, or some magical intervention to fix it. "But, I'm still alive."

"Emmett's on his way," she sobbed. "I felt it, m'aarenne. I felt it all. Your fear. The pain. The power."

I heard a moan, not from my mate. "Bella, I'm okay. I will be okay." I walked over to a closet, opening it up. The real Mr. Turner was inside, beat up within an inch of his life. "I need an ambulance. My old landlord is fucked up." Emmett came in, wearing his shield. "Emmett's here."

"Please be safe, Edward," Bella sniffled. "And when you get home, I need to love up on you."

"I'll gladly accept it, sih'rena. I love you, Bella," I whispered, ending the call and looking at my body guard. "Emmett, we need to help Mr. Turner."

Emmett knelt down, feeling his neck. "He's breathing and his pulse is thready," he said. "But, I'm more worried about you. That wound is nasty." I shrugged. "Edward, this could be serious."

"It was serious. Someone set up a trap, hurting Mr. Turner and attacked me," I grumbled. "How did they know?"

"You did make an announcement on the creature intranet," Emmett said, calling in the ambulance using his radio. "Someone must have overheard it. They must have realized that you had a past life and that you had to clean it up." He looked down at Turner and then at the naked man. "But, you need to go. I'm going to call this in as a drug addict in some sort of PCP rage."

"How are you going to explain the sword wound?" I asked. The ice sword had already begun to melt. Emmett put on a pair of latex gloves, shoving a wooden stake through the wound and shattered the sword. "That works."

"Can you drive?" Emmett asked. I nodded. "Go back to the castle. I'll take care of this."

Looking back at the carnage, I limped out of the office. I got into my car, awkwardly maneuvering and managing to drive back to our magically hidden home base. Back at the castle, Bella sprinted out and into my arms. Or, rather, arm. I caught her, holding her and calming her. "I'm okay, Bella. I'm safe."

"But you could have been killed!" she sobbed, looking at my shredded shoulder.

"We need to get him inside and healed," Carmen said, her brows furrowed. "I'm afraid that Tanya may be behind this."

"She's not," I said. "She wanted to come with me, I think." Carmen and Bella helped me inside, removing my suit coat, shirt and undershirt. I grimaced, seeing the mangled flesh. My arm was being held on by a few tendons and the bone. "Um, how is this going to be fixed? We don't know a surgeon, do we?"

"Rose and Bella will have to heal you. Rose, you'll have to start," Carmen said. "Bella, you will finish."

Rose walked over to me, gently lifting my hand onto the table. I growled as pain radiated through me. Bella took my hand, tears streaming down her face. "I'm sorry, Edward," Rose whispered. "This is going to hurt."

"It already hurts," I hissed. She held up her hands, allowing the warmth flow through them. As her healing powers began, I howled in pain as the muscles, tendons, and fragments of bone began to knit back together. Rose whimpered, her own shoulder bleeding as she took my pain. She collapsed, grasping her own arm. "Rose ... I'm sorry."

"I'll be fine," she panted out. "Bella, you'll have to finish sealing the wound."

Bella stood up, brushing her lips over mine. Her hands were on fire and she ran them over my still marred skin, causing the flesh to grow over the muscles. When the skin was replaced, Bella allowed her fangs to grow and she bit into my shoulder. I yelped, but my pain dissipated almost immediately. When she was done, she retracted her fangs, throwing her arms around my neck. "My Edward," she sobbed. "You can't ... I can't lose you."

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