Chapter 4 <3

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When I awoke from what seemed like deep sleep, I found myself on a bed. I layed still but scanned the room with my eyes. I was in some sort of...cave? The air tasted like ash; surly there was a fire that died not long ago. I tried to get up but realized I couldn't.

Strong arms were wrapped around my waist, I looked behind me only to find Blake fast asleep.

I smiled making my heart boil inside. Knowing that for some reason he actually cared for me, it just took my breath away. Oh wait! As I lay there memories from what seems like ages ago come flooding back.

Me having a late snack, Blake coming back angry and making that pain in my neck, him leaving, me in the morgue, me being... stabbed? I rach up to my shoulder and realize these aren't my clothes. I was wearing a pink tank top and blue sleep shorts. My first thought was what the hell?!

He must have changed me. EW! I mean yeah I like him, but not enough for him to do it for me! I pulled aside a strap of the top, but found only a tiny pin hole.

I brushed my finger tips over it and revealed a fading bruise. How long was I out? I wondered. I felt him move on the other side of me. He rested his chin on my shoulder being careful not to touch it and said "Six days." "What??" I asked in disbelief.

"Six days, hey...are you okay? I didn't mean to hurt you at the bar." The memory of him pushing me through a wall and causing that mysterious pain snapped back.

Immediately my face went cold and I tried to struggle out of his grasp. I fell on the floor and scrambled up onto my wobbly feet.

Sleeping for nearly a week is bad for your knees; let me tell you. "NO I AM NOT OKAY!" I released with anger. He stands up and walks closer to me but I back away warily.

"YOU THROUGH ME THROUGH A WALL! AND...CAUSED THAT IRRITATING FLASHY THING IN MY BRAIN!" His face went white and I swear he looked like a ghost.

I decided to just let out all of my anger now. "AND YOU CHANGED ME! I mean I like you and all but not enough for you to do that! I mean like seriously" I trailed off.

"Oh my god! ..Did you take advantage of me?" I was literally going into histerics now. But before I could let him answer I blabbed " AND ....AND YOU KILLED ME! AND MY PARENTS!

I backed away slowly going toward the entrance. "How did you...? He questioned. He shook his head and looked back into my eyes. "I'm sorry" he said honestly.

"I never meant to cause you this much trouble. I should have just don't the job and left you alone." He says aloud.

"But no! Your blood smelled too sweet for me to waste it. So I drank from you in your sleep. To a human, their dream is a nightmare; but to a vampire, oh it's heaven. Though of course we've been expelled, an angel once said the sweetest blood is the most powerful. Just after I killed her; the essence of power stained my lips. Though that was at least 630 years ago; I have never come in contact with a humans blood that is as sweet as pure sugar. Which makes me wonder what I've created." He cocks his head to the side examining me. "If only angels are supposed to have sweet blood; then why do you?"

He raises his eyebrows in confusion. I see no wings, nor wand. Though I do see a glow of purity. Still a virgin are we?" "EW! You perve!" I say shakily backing away farther. "I can change that!" he says in a seductively. He jerks his head back; popping his fangs so they were fully visible.

He takes a deep breath through his nose and closes his eyes. I take this as my chance to run. I turn around and start to run were the open mouth and day light lies.

I trip over a large rock and my knee grinds into the dirt and sharps shards plant into the skin. "Ahh!" I yelp as I try to get the rocks out. My leg starts to bleed as I wobble to my feet.

I limp backwards trying to keep a distance between us and my eye on him. God knows what he'll try and pull. In a flash before I have time to react his lips are at my ear and his hands are gripping my shoulders from behind. "Aww, Why so scared? You're already dead." He chuckles in a dark tone.

Now that, that was just uncalled for and cruel. Why is he being so mean to me? I let out a scream being as terrified as I am. He clamps his hand down on my mouth and whispers harshly in my ear "Oh shut up!"

What is wrong with him? Maybe this is what a pissed off vampire is like. They must not care about anyone or anything. He turns me around so that I am facing him.

His eyes change from red, to black in an instant. They are like endless orbs of darkness as he stares into my eyes.

He starts to say "Listen to the sound of my voice." He hesitates then says "kiss me" That snaps me back; not that I was ever gone though.

He moves his face closer to mine grasping my face in his large hand .I start to pull away and yell "What? NO!" He gives me a shocked expression then glares at me with fierce eyes.

Is he for real? Or is he trying to control me? "Kiss me!" he growls, then starts to force himself on me. "S-s-stop" I yell. I try to push him away but he grabs my flailing arms and pins them to the wall that he pushes me into.

"N-n-noo!" I yell as I struggle underneath his grip. "Or what?" he hisses. I shove all my strength out in front of me, desperate for him to leave me alone.

I put my hands on his chest and I only rested them there for a second, before a glow of light coated my palms. And a beam of scorching light flung him off of me and into the other side of the cave wall.

My hands were so shaky as I looked at the front and back of my hands. "W-w-what did I just d-do?" I mumble. I look up and see Blake flip onto his feet from his palms.

A fresh scrape divides his face on his right cheek to the corner of his lips. His fangs now gone, he walks up to me keeping a careful distance between us, knowing what I'm capable of, and asks "What are you?" in a curious tone.

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