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Mine Ph <3: I miss you, babe. Can't wait to see you in 3 days ❤❤

Seokjin's eyes were glued to the screen of his phone. How could he tell Hoseok about his act, about his evil deed. How could he tell Hoseok that he had broken his trust and cheated on him? How would he ever face Hoseok? For his selfish reason, he hoped Hoseok would prolong his trip and give him a few more days or maybe a week to prepare himself.

But he would still have to face Hoseok! Would he ever be prepared for that day? Prepared to lose Hoseok? He couldn't. There was no way. He loved Hoseok so much and couldn't imagine life without him.

Seokjin's hands started to move on his phone screen.

Hoseok, forgive me.

He deleted that and started to write again.

I've done something unforgivable, baby. I'm sorry-

He deleted it once again.

You mean the world to be and I don't know why I did this, baby. But it was nothing and I want you-

He deleted the message once more and screamed into his hands.

"Fuck!" ... "Hoseok, I'm sorry. I had no reason. I'm so sorry!"


Namjoon- don't push me away, baby.

Namjoon- baby...

Namjoon- the look in your eyes says you want me!

Namjoon- I need you, Jin.

Namjoon- Please.

Namjoon- Give me a chance.

Namjoon- Baby, please.

Namjoon- I can't stop thinking about you.

Namjoon- No one can make you feel the way I can.

Namjoon- You mean so much to me.

Namjoon- Let me into your life, baby.

Namjoon- I can't be without you.

Namjoon- Baby

Namjoon- Seokjin please

Namjoon: Jin

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