Chapter 8-Rejection

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Aiden POV

I left my loft to be alone with my thoughts. I bought my gun because I was contemplating suicide. As I was sitting in my car, suddenly, it happened. It was back, yelling in my head. HOW DARE SHE?! "I love her and she rejects me. I do everything I can to make sure she's safe! She was afraid of me. I don't blame her. I'm a monster." I looked next to me towards the gun. I threw the gun up towards my head then my mouth. Suddenly, my hand threw the gun towards the backseat of my car. Liar!! You wrote those notes to scare her into your arms! My thoughts said. "I did it because I wanted her!" Make her come back to you it replied. "No! I won't listen to you! You made me write those notes on her car. Please just stop!" I screamed. You cant stop me. I own your mind and your thoughts. No matter what you do, you can't shut me out!! said the Voice. I quickly grabbed my medication and shoved 2 pills down. The Voice disappeared. It's right though. I can't shake it or her out of my head. She must be mine. She WILL be mine. 

Aiden POV (FLASHBACK)( Last Year)

"Aiden, I'm sorry to say this but you have been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder" Doctor Smith said. "This can't be. I'm perfectly fine. I don't feel anything and I don't hear anything." "You're thinking of schizophrenia." Dr. Smith shrugged. "Can't my multiple personality disorder be like schizophrenia?" I asked. "It can vary based on your emotions and sometimes you would feel your other personality coming through in the form of a voice in your head." Dr. Smith replied. "Will it control me? How I run my business?" "No." Dr. Smith answered. "There's something else, isn't there?" I asked. "You can't form any relationships because your personality will take over and become obsessed with your significant other." He replied. "Just please be careful. I don't want for you or her to get hurt." Dr. Smith continued. I walked out of the room, changed and afraid. Here I am, the Head of the New York Mafia and I have a sickness that take control over me when it felt like it.

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