chapter two

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There was a knock at my office door at work. I sigh, "What?" I ask loudly. Sage opens the door a little and pops her head inside.

"You have a very important meeting tomorrow with Miss Marcellano, just to remind you. 12pm. Vogue." My assistant tells me.

Miss Marcellano. Lindy.

"Right. Thank you, Sage."

She nods, and leaves. I throw my head back in my seat. The amount of stress on me, was nerve wracking. I'm tired, I want to have takeaway and sleep. So, I decided to leave early.

I put some paperwork in my briefcase, picked up my phone and left the office. Taking the elevator down to the car park, I got inside my car. I sit there for a few minutes, contemplating everything. I'm interrupted by my phone.

DAISY HANDMAN is calling...

I let out the breath I was holding and answer the phone. "Yes?" I huff.

"A bit of a rude greeting, no?" She laughed on the other line.

"Sorry, stressful day."

"That's okay. I won't be coming home tonight. Further business calls." She says.

A night without nagging from Daisy. Sounds about perfect.

"Alright. I'll see you... when?" I asked.

"Next week, maybe?" She said, unsure.

"Okay." I mumble.

"Talk to you later. Kisses," she says and hangs up.

I fist the air in victory, hitting my fist on the roof of my car. I mutter curses and begin my drive back to my home. I have nobody working in the house anymore, because Daisy didn't like it, and anyway, Maria began to work for my ex wife last year. I'm not certain if she still does. However, the point is, it's definitely more quieter around here.

Back when Lindy and Maria lived here, I have to say, it was always a loud house. It was kind of nice. Sometimes, Maria's younger brothers would visit because she didn't get to see them as much as she worked in the city, and we didn't mind. It was crazy, and they'd stay for dinner. Lindy and I loved having the boys around.

When I think of it, the boys are probably graduating high school by now. It literally was seven years back. On social media, I know that Maria's brothers are still close with Lindy. They go to Logan's birthday parties and babysit him.

Pulling up at home, I parked my car in the indoor garage and went inside. I decided on some fettuccine alfredo for dinner, got out the ingredients and made the food, which took about forty five minutes total. Dishing up my food, I snapped a picture and posted it on Instagram.



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