30. (Final)

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Yes, this story is ending here and sadly, so is the series. I had a lot of fun writing this even though I did had writer's block every five chapters. It was just a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I want to thank you all for staying with me for the ride. If you want to continue reading my work, I have other books out at the moment and bout three in my drafts I'm going to release this summer: 

Angel with Devil Wings
Faded (Rewrite)
The Only Boy (Scomiche AU Teacher/Student/Neko) (Scott's the neko) 

If you came from my oneshot book to this series then you should know what Found and Poor are based off of. Now, enough of my self promo and random blabbering, let's get on to the final chapter that hold 3.3k words. Have fun and I love you guys, girls, everyone in between and/or out of the spectrum.


"Mitch, did you get your carepackage yet?" Kevin asked, leaning over the wall and staring at Mitch who was laying on his back, his feet crossed over one another. 

"Carepackage?" Mitch questioned, standing up and walking over to lay his knees on Scott's bed and lean against the wall to face Kevin.

"Yea. Did your parents not send you one? They have the option to send you a box of anything that could help you. Slippers, body wash, candy, you know, that kinda stuff." Kevin explained, leaning down to kiss Mitch's lips lightly before he pulled back. 

"I don't think my parents like me all that much to send me a box just yet." 

"Oh, well my parents are used to me being in prison so they always have an emergency box somewhere in their house." 

"You're lucky to still have your parents still supporting you." 

"It's nothing special. Don't worry too much about it. I'll share with you." Kevin walked to his side of the dorm section and grabbed his box. He sat back up on his dormmate's bed and placed the box in front of Mitch. "Go ahead and take what you need. I already have a pair of clean slippers from the last time I was sent to a place like this." 

Mitch gave Kevin a warm smile and went to sit on his bed crossed legged, digging through the box and looking through the items that were held inside. Around the time Mitch was done picking out his items, Scott had returned from the showers. Mitch's breath hitched when he felt the presence and he was quick to put everything back in its box and put the box under his bed, making sure the cover on the bed hid the cardboard. 

Scott walked into the section, folding his towel and placing it on the lower end of his bedframe. He walked around, cleaning his mess he made with the candy wrappers he stole from the cafeteria. He placed the wrappers in the trashcan beside the entrance to his and Mitch's section and laid on his bed to face the wall and wrap his arms around his body. 

It wasn't long until Mitch heard the sound of soft crying and he looked around, peeking over the edge of the wall to the right of him to see Randy sleeping peacefully. He then turned to see Kevin leaning against the wall, his nose buried in a book, Travis coming in to the dorm right that second, his face red and dripping with water since he had returned from his shower. 

Mitch looked towards the dorm entrance and saw Ian walking through, a little bit of soap suds still in his hair. His face matched Travis' but his right eye was swollen, like it was punch- Mitch jerked his head back towards where Scott was laying and looked at Scott's fist that was wrapped around his own arm. Scott's shoulders were shaking and Mitch let out a sad sigh, everything piecing together like a puzzle. He walked over and crouched beside Scott's bed, tapping his shoulder lightly. 

Scott jumped at the touch and he jerked around to grab Mitch by the front of his shirt and bringing his opposite fist up. Once Mitch's face came into view through the red that Scott was seeing, he let his arm lower as he felt Mitch's hands wrapping around his wrist. A loud bang was heard and Scott looked up to see the security guard standing up, ready to attack Scott if needed. 

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