Chapter 46

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The fighting is at it's peak. Men & elves fight hard, desperately trying to drive back the enemy. From atop the wall, Théoden shouts to Aragorn.

Théoden: "Aragorn, pull back to the gate!"

Hearing the order, Aragorn looks up & nods. He relays the order to the fighters around him.

Aragorn: "Am Marad (To the Keep)! Nan barad (Pull back)! Haldir! Nan barad!"

Haldir nods at him & calls for the elves to retreat. Gimli is dragged away, not wanting to leave the battlefield.

Gimli: "What are you doing? Stop it!"

As Haldir calls for his men, the elf fails to notice an uruk approaching from behind. It strikes. Haldir stumbles in pain, looking around. Another uruk strikes the elf's back. Aragorn, some distance away, sees the elf.

Aragorn: "Haldir!"

The man begins to his fight his way towards the elf as Haldir falls to his knees. Looking around in disbelief, he sees all the dead elves around him. Aragorn rushes to Haldir's side. The elf dies in his arms. Filled with regret, Aragorn lays Haldir down as more uruk-hai approach him. Jumping on one of the ladders, he falls with it, engaging the orcs below.

Gamling: "Brace the gate!"

Théoden: "To the gate! Draw your swords!"

The king & his men try to defend the almost broken gate.

Gamling: "We can't hold much longer."

Aragorn rushes to the gate. Leaning over the wall, Théoden shouts down to Aragorn.

Théoden: "Hold them!"

Aragorn: "How long do you need?"

Théoden: "As long as you can give me!"

Aragorn nods, acknowledging the order. He turns to the dwarf behind him.

Aragorn: "Gimli!"


Miyuki stares at the girl in silence, wondering who she was. The girl was the mirror image of herself. The same heart-shaped face, the same delicate features. The only difference was their eyes, green & red. The girl giggles.

Girl: "Finally. Finally, we meet. I have been waiting for you for a long time."

Sorrow, anger, hatred, resentment; Miyuki can feel the negative emotions flowing off this girl. The darkness around her was swirling with the same feelings, threatening to overwhelm her. She clutches her chest in pain.

Girl: "Is it painful? These are your true feelings. The ones hidden deep inside you. The feelings from back then."

Images play out in the darkness. Soldiers storming her home. The burning village. Flashing swords. People dying. Her father. Her mother. Clashing steel & screams of the dying echo all around.

Miyuki: "No...stop it...stop it...STOP IT!"

Curling into a ball, she covers her ears, trying to block the sounds & images. No matter how many years passed, the pain never lessened. The wound in her heart that never healed. It had been ripped open, the pain as fresh as when it had been made. She feels arms wrap around her.

Girl: "It hurts, doesn't it? To lose your home, your family. Your sorrow, your pain, your anger, I understand. I want to help you. I can help you."

The pain was too much. The more she denied it, the more pain it caused her. The more she fought, the greater her suffering became. She no longer cared who the girl was. All she wanted was for the pain to stop.

Miyuki: "Help me..."

 The girl smiles, her red eyes beginning to glow.

Girl: "Yes. I will take all the pain away."

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